Biomutant Shines in Almost 10 Minutes of New Footage experiment 101 video

For the first time in almost two years and months after assuring players the game remains in development, Experiment 101 has shared a fresh look of its apocalyptic kung-fu RPG Biomutant.

The video debuted during IGN’s Summer of Gaming stream, accompanied by an interview with the game’s creative director, Stefan Ljungqvist. The new footage is far-ranging in its coverage, showing off aspects of the character creator, weapons crafting, exploration, and combat across almost 10 minutes.

The video provides the most in-depth look at Biomutant‘s systems so far, but Ljungqvist also offered a few additional nuggets of information. For example, he suggests that the game has undergone a significant expansion, saying that the map is “8-by-8 kilometers” or 64 square kilometers, whereas it was previously described as being 16 square kilometers.

Ljungqvist mentioned that the weapon crafting system will allow for “millions of combinations.” Players can source parts from across the world to create unique weapons. He says that some parts will have custom effects, citing Destiny and other looter-shooters as examples of how it works.

Despite the reemergence, Biomutant is still without a release date — or even release window. Ljungqvist said the team is currently engaged in ironing out bugs and ensuring that the game is clear for players, striking a suitable balance between freedom and direction.

The game is currently slated to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Damien Lawardorn
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