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    1. Hey, you gotta do what you have to in order to pay the bills, Bob.

      And thanks for bringing up Revolution X, an arcade game from my childhood. ^_^

    2. I kept referring to BTS as Bits or Beats. Now I learn that they’re just called Bee Tee Ess. Also, who’s Frankie Goes to Hollywood?

      1. Relax

    3. I have literally never heard of BTS before now, and I’m supposed to believe that they are one of the most successful boy bands in the world?

      Then again, I’m pretty out-of-the-loop when it comes to what’s popular. I’m more about learning obscure factoids that have no real benefit of knowing.


      1. Everytime I see a weird word trending with no context on twitter it is this band. Often going over 1 million tweets.

      2. They played one of their few North American dates in my town last year and fans were literally camped out in tents on sidewalks outside the venue days before the show. I can’t even remember the last time that’s happened for a musical act at all, and I’d have to go back some years to the Star Wars prequels, the last couple Harry Potter book releases, or a couple of iPhone releases ago to find a similar response to a cultural event.

      3. I am currently based in Southeast asia and BTS is plastered everywhere, throughout multiple countries. They are a phenomenon here that I last saw with Westlife in Ireland 20 years ago. They are huge, and anything they will do will get the attention of the young crowd.

      4. Not surprising since number 1 in album sales for the USA means only 180,000 copies (physical and digital) sold in a nation of over 325 million.

        Here’s a fun comparison 40 albums reached number 1 in 2018 in 1983 when Michael Jackson’s Thriller was released it was 6 albums that reached number 1.

    4. Why is this video marked under “Big Picture” instead of “Game Overthinker”?
      I vaguely remember some of those games existing, but not playing them after hearing they sucked. And those PS1 Spice Girls are nightmare inducing [shudders].

    5. You missed the Japanese Only Dio game for the NES “Holy Diver”, Bob!

      1. For the record, it’s not a Dio game… it just treats Dio like Japanese games treat mythological creatures.

    6. of course Bob is one of those idiots that actually believes Michael Jackson is guilty, Moonwalker was a good game fool.

    7. I used to play Frankie goes to Hollywood as a child; even though I didn’t had even a clue of who Frankie was, that it was a based on a band or even what the game was really about at all.

      1. To be fair, it sounds more like a video game than a band name.

    8. The Journey games depicted are both from the same arcade game, which was a series of mini-games. The dodge-the-groupie game Bob mentions was the Atari 2600 cartridge.



    10. Unless I’m mistaken… with this video Bob has spoken on camera/on the mic more in Chinese and Korean than in Japanese (only one sentence when Hiroshi Yamauchi passed away back in 2013).

      Just a thought…

    11. Straight up: I have lived in South Korea for a while and the new obsession the West seems to have with Kpop is annoying as hell, especially since most of it is over-produced and kinda samey. And to be honest, very few adults I’ve talked to listen to it. It’s music for middle schoolers annoying Koreaboos. Funny thing is, innumerable Kpop groups rise and fall out of popularity all the time so who knows if these guys will even still be around in five years.

      The Korean indie and hip-hop scenes are way more interesting anyway. Heize and Beezino have way more talent and creativity than BTS.

    12. I was sitting here waiting for you to mention the infamously hilariously awful 50 Cent game for PS2

    13. I sense that maybe–just possibly maybe–Bob might not be a true hardcore BTS fan.

    14. The Singstar series on PS2 also had a ton of bands get their version. Many local bands as well like Die Toten Hosen from germany, which was a punk band at some point in time so there is some irony in that.
      I also faintly remember some xbox actionplatformer with a girl which had the OST being sung by Gwen Stefani that bombed so hard I orgot about it untill just now.

    15. If it makes you feel better Bob I’ve never heard of BTS before.

    16. I thought I was the only person who remembered the FMV Devo game

    17. so, young girls today are into Koren male versions of ellen degeneres?

    18. Since it vaguely relates to this topic, I’ll take the opportunity to complain about the lack of good Guitar Hero/Rock Band games on mobile. This ought to be one of the biggest genres in the world- simple gameplay, wide appeal to different musical tastes, cheap- but for some reason, it never really took off. To my knowledge, there have been four on iOS (Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Rock Band Reloaded, Guitar Hero Live), but none of them are available now. Do these people realize how much I would pay for an iOS adaption of GREEN DAY: ROCK BAND?

    19. I have to admit that i only watched this because you mentioned bts and i feel a bit like a fool but tbh it was a pretty informative video so, i’m not mad about it.

      1. Trust me, as a long time follower of Moviebob on his video game and movie commentary, him talking about BTS is incredibly surreal to me. You can feel pretty good though, a band that you like is making that much of a global impact!

    20. Hoping we get a Brightburn review on the Bob channel tomorrow.

    21. Shameless algorithm tie-in. I can live with that.

    22. Yeah, this is what I get for being a guy whose favorite hip-hop acts have names like “Professor Elemental” and “Mr. B. The Gentleman Rhymer.”

    23. Points taken off for not mentioning Brutal Legend. Ok, it isn’t a specific band or artist sellout product, but it covers a lot of musical ground and isn’t that bad a game at all.

      1. Whether they use the name or not, having Jack Black rocking out in it kinda makes it a Tenacious D game.

      2. ehhh….Brutal Legend isn’t a music tie-in game so much as it is a game ABOUT the influences of music (specifically, the Heavy Metal genre). Like the difference between a musical biopic and the Blues Brothers.

      3. Brutal Legend’s biggest problem is its end game. Its fun when its mostly just an open world explorer but when it shifts into a RTS at the end it kinda starts to suck

        1. honestly, I kinda liked the rts sections they just needed to be made better, the only problems i had with them is that there was a bunch of them and they required a lot of set up to really work properly, which is not what you want in your action game, I feel like if brutal legend ever had a sequel and they decided to do elaborate on the RTS parts they should boil them down to their simplest parts. AKA give buffs, spawn army men. Cause by the end you have like 4 or 5 different people you can spawn and it be kinda difficult to guess what you need the first time through. I mean i kinda want to set them up and forget about them, and you cant really do that.

    24. Does Bad Day at the Midway count sense it was written by the Residents?

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