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    1. I think if they were smart, this will be the beginning of a new story and franchise, no connections to the Bay films. Just make it a new franchise, because this actually had effort put into its story and characters.

    2. I really hope it’s a soft reboot. Travis Knight did an amazing job and I cannot wait to see where it goes from here. It’s a solid foundation upon which to build the Transformers movie I always wanted.

    3. Sony may not have know they made the best Spider-Man movie, but if nothing else, the recency push might be enough to win over the academy.
      (God I hope Spider-Verse wins an oscar.)

    4. Every now and then it hits me all over again, just how bad those first five films were.
      like… jesus, why’d it take them to many tries to make a good Transformers film by accident?

    5. BumbleBee is the first time I’ve cared about anything Transformers related since I was, like, 4 (I turn 37 in just under 3 weeks). I’d say that’s a sign of a good movie. 🙂

    6. Sadly the answers to what really went down (legit or at least never debunked) won’t come out for years, if it comes out at all.

    7. I hope–no, I pray–this is the start of a rebooted film universe. Bumblebee didn’t blow me away, but I definitely liked it, and the G1 action scenes were the hardest I’ve geeked out in a long time. (Wheeljack! Ironhide! BRAWN! THEY PUT BRAWN IN YOU GUYS! HE’S AUTOBOT GIMLI! AND SHOCKWAVE SOUNDS LIKE A PEEVISH BRITISH LIBRARIAN! SOUNDWAVE! RAVAGE! DID BUMBLEBEE JUST DECAPITATE SKYWARP?! … Sorry, even thinking about it makes me way too happy.)

      If this is the start of a new thing, my greatest hope is that they bring James Roberts (the writer of More Than Meets the Eye and Lost Light) in as a consultant.

      I’m a huge Transformers geek, but I haven’t been excited about the movies since watching the first one for the second time and noticing how awful the whole hacker B-plot was. It’s really, really nice having hope that this aspect of my nerdery can finally get decent mainstream representation.

    8. Also, i’m surprised that Bob didn’t talk about the Golden Globes controversy.

    9. I actually hope someone puts out a “non-fanservice” version of this movie without the prologue and epilogue. The prologue makes no sense in terms of story, it’s showing us events neither of the main characters know about for half the movie, and we should really be finding things out from their perspective- I mean, THE BOURNE IDENTITY didn’t open with Jason fucking up his last mission for a reason. And the epilogue is just gratuitous.

    10. “can’t all be guys anymore”? I grew up with the G1 in the 80s, and I never assumed that any of the Transformers had a gender. What would gender even mean for an extraterrestrial robot? I had the same brain-wrenching with Lindsay Ellis’ essay explaining them in terms of being “coded-as” a gender. Why that bothers me is that for any such code to be meaningful, you’d need to already have a bunch of stereotyped baggage skewing your perceptions going into the work as a viewer. That X characters look/act some certain way.

    11. It’s time to throw the Bay Bee out with the bathwater.


      (not sorry!)

    12. What of the Bay movies I have seen, everyone was written so badly, and the ones where weren’t written badly were filmed like filmed like product to sell. I swear my blood pressure when up every time Sam Wit-less-wicky show up onscreen.

      Bumblebee was wonderful, people were written like people. The movie was like a great 80’s movie with none of the things that make them awful to watch today. I loved that Charlie Watson and Memo didn’t “end up” together as much has grew together.

    13. Glad you left Power Rangers out of the whole “Hasbro multiverse” tease thing there. My reading of the PR fanbase is that they are REALLY split about what direction they want Hasbro to take the franchise in. (Hopefully we’ll start to find out those answers once the toy license officially changes over in April.)

    14. So Bob is just gonna slide off from the utter fuckup he did with the LCK episode? I mean why not…most dudes would do that. Guess I expected more from him.

    15. One of the best things MovieBob’s Twitter feed introduced me to was a podcast called School of Movies. It’s hosted by husband and wife duo Alex and Sharon Shaw; two whip-smart pop culture geeks who do a detailed essay/analysis review of current and past movies. Their Bumblebee episode is not only top-notch, but Alex also pitched two future spin-off movies for this new Transformers universe. One being Optimus Prime and the other for Decepticon fan-fav Starscream.

      It’s well worth checking out, along with their archive of past episodes and their Patreon.

    16. This whole video seems to just be observing (intentionally or not) that the deviations of Bay’s Transformers from the classic approach were always idiotic and a terrible concept to move forward with from the start. They would have hit the ground running with way more success AND accolades if they’d just followed the approach Bumblebee takes, from the start.

      It’s just another of the same cautionary tales that studios are so slow to recognize and apply of how Hollywood’s attempt to muck with established and beloved source material tends to hinder the final product. So they need to freaking stop doing that already.

    17. Question – is Bumblebee actually a good movie, or is it good because it is a movie? Outside of the rough skeleton of the first one, Bay did not make movies with the Transformers license. Movies have a story and plot and characters that undergo changes and experience conflict and that’s not what those are interested in. It just isn’t, and evaluating them as films kind of misses the point. Bay’s Transformers is sense pornography. The point of the experience is to jam your head sockets full of intense, throbbing input and just keep pounding it in until your brain makes a mess all over the inside of your skull and takes a smoke break.

      This, on the other hand, is an actual movie.

      I honestly think it would be neat if this turned into a stealth launch for the Hasbro Cinematic Universe (provided that they’re willing to be as goofy and stupid as those cartoons were) and if that universe was made of movies, but I’m forced to wonder a little if some of the buzz around this doesn’t have to more with the fact that everybody went into the theater expecting Anal Investigations 3 – Butt Rogers and the Inexplicably Sexualized Colonoscopy and instead got Midnight Cowboy.

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