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    1. Marvel’s lineup of superheroines is pretty terrible, and with the Fantastic 4 and X-Men out of Disney’s hands for the time being, it’s even worse. Carol Danvers is a pretty shit and bland character who’s variously been used for writers working out their weird fetishes and writers working out their slightly fascistic power fantasies, but at least using her provides a springboard to use the cooler black Captain Marvel and the cooler pakistani Miss Marvel, and there aren’t exactly many other options. Personally, I’d be down for Rule 63’ing the Squadron Supreme, since only the whiniest fanboys will give a shit and the multiversal nature of their inclusion into any given “mainline” universe will serve to remind everyone else that anything is possible.

      1. I consider myself a fairly whiny fanboy when the Squadron Supreme come up, and after a moment to let the idea sink in, it’s certainly an intriguing idea. It raises some concerns about how to treat them in a film context (a JMS Supreme Power style could set the primarily-female team apart as a fair bit darker than their primarily-male counterparts). But would I want to see what Marvel Studios could do with a female Hyperion? Nighthawk? Zardo – Power Prince? Actually, yeah, I kind of do. Nice call.

        (Though, I do disagree strongly with the characterization of Carol and a lot of female Marvel characters. Yeah, it’s rocky and dated a lot of the time, but there is plenty of diamond in that rough.)

      2. You mean like when MARVEL made her the main “antagonist” of Civil War II, giving her massive character derailment? Maybe this movie will do for Captain Marvel after that event what Iron Man’s first movie did for him after the first* Civil War: clean up his public image and remind us why they’re a hero.

        *Jaysus, did we really need more than one?

      3. Its super nit picky but my wife would yell at me if I didn’t point out that Kamal Khan is not Middle Eastern. She is Central Asian. More specifically she is Pakistani.

        Like I said, its nit picky, but we need to stop lumping everyone from northern Africa to Indonesia as “Middle Eastern” because the populations are predominantly one religion.

      4. Eh, Blade wasn’t a great character before Wesley Snipes played him on the big screen. Wonder Woman’s publication history has had its share of ups and downs but people liked Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot in the role. Aquaman is a joke in many circles but his film is doing well. It’s quite possible that MCU Carol could be better than her four-colour version, especially with Larson in the role.

        I agree the potential for Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau spin-offs was probably one of the big reasons Danvers got greenlit in the first place (and I dream we eventually get a Nextwave release out of this), just saying it’s not inconceivable MCU Captain Marvel could be a good character.

    2. All that stuff about the “fans” is also true for Star Wars… except in that case, the property in question was never actually a small, niche thing- some people just got fooled into thinking it was because they conflated the movies with the Expanded Universe.

      1. Even the EU was never half as niche as a lot of fanboys like to pretend. Quite a few entries were on Best Seller lists, and this was true regularly for decades. Books and games alike.

    3. I stumbled a distressing trend upon online that associates the perceived success of Captain Marvel with the US failure of Alita. Those salted by Captain Marvel are throwing their support behind Alita.

      Although I appreciate the love towards the latter, I don’t understand why it comes at the cost of another…well, I mean I understand their points–they’re just stupid.

      I am not agreeing with them, but here it is in a nutshell: Alita represents a positive feminine role model as she is strong, surrounded by strong (male) characters, can be fragile emotionally and physically but ultimately never loses a fight, physical or mental. Captain Marvel is strong because she is overpowered and belittles men surrounding her. Alita is positive feminism while Captain Marvel is toxic. You see their tactic–shroud their chauvinism by trying to support an alternate choice while at the same time accusing conspiracy with Disney, Rotten Tomatoes, and SJWs. I watched a few positive reviews for Alita (because it is good) and then my recommended list became filled with toxic Captain Marvel videos.

      1. Thats not a tactic, thats just the truth. If we want to achieve true parity we should build each other up, not tear each other down. Alita represents this perfectly. Captain Marvel on the other hand has given every indication that its going to do the exact opposite. If you cant see beyond the usual smears (sexist, biggot, mysoginist, etc.), then i cant help you.

      2. That’s what happens when you (a general you) view the world through an “Us v. Them” zero sum way. It’s stupid, self defeating and laughable but it serves as a perpetual rage machine.

      3. Which is nonsense, because Alita hasn’t failed. It’s had mild success, hardly a blockbuster, but it’s still well within the “We let James Cameron make these because he can drop a Titanic or Avatar every so often” limit.

    4. I’m gonna go with the first trailer playing tricks with fade in to concentrate on the fact that she’s female as well as things like Larson saying things like this.

      “I think because it’s 2019, and what 2019 is about, really, is intersectional feminism,” Ms. Larson responded. “There’s just no question that we would have to show what it means to be all different kinds of women, that we don’t just have one type. It became a great opportunity, even with things like the love story. [We wanted] to make that big love — that lost love, that love
      that’s found again — be with [Carol’s] best friend.”

      1. That’s what Brie Larson SAID, but what the Usual Suspects HEARD was “OH MY GOD she’s calling for White Male Genocide!”

        In other words, they deliberately twisted her words to justify their preconceived notions about diversity. I can’t even find the “inciting incident” original interview with Larson because YouTube is swamped with videos with clickbait titles/thumbnails… Which is convenient for people with those knee-jerk opinions about her.

        1. Intersectional anything by its very nature demands conflict. The truly amusing part is that in other interviews they attempt to describe the movie as humanist. Intersectionist and humanist ideologies are inherently in opposition.

    5. Hot lady in a bikini turns into hot drunk lady in a bikini turns into sober hot lady in a practical outfit…………. still no arch enemies I hear of to make her super strong laser fists worth anything.

      If you got super strong lasers fists, then I expect something that can only be beaten with super strong laser fists. I heard maybe Moonstone was a nemesis of her’s. Mystique and Rogue were her foes at one point, but………….come on……………if you got a power set* that Goku can work with then show me where Vegeta and the rest are so I don’t get bored.

      Icon or not……………… I just don’t see conflict when I stroll by her books.

      * and because I had an idiot read this comment earlier, let me clarify: POWER “SET” (As appose to POWER LEVEL) of city smashing strength, jet pilot speed, and lasers that can blow up mountains might be a bit BENEATH Goku as he stands right now, but they would have not been out of place fighting Nappa, ya feel me? I am not dissing the Lord and Savior Son Goku by saying his power is not absolute, I am just saying that he demonstrated how cool those powers have been in the past just by having enough guys with similar powers to punch. That is what I want with Captain Marvel: more fights and enemies and I evoked the lord’s name in vain to illustrate the true path of ass kicking entertainment. (SARCASM!!!!!!)

      1. I don’t know what you’re talking about, she’s nowhere near as strong as Goku in the comics and she gets her ass kicked a lot.

        At least that’s how it was before CW 2. That piece of crap made me stop reading her comics.

    6. Water flowing underground … same as it ever was.

    7. I think I see part of the elevator pitch here – something along the lines of “this would be Marvel’s Supergirl, mixed with Guardians of the Galaxy” (assuming parts were decided when that proved a success – some of the beats and the retro nostalgia certainly points towards an inspiration if nothing else)

      1. Too bad they fired the guy who directed Guardians of the Galaxy for making a crass joke well before he was hired to direct Guardians of the Galaxy.

        1. Which shows us two things. 1, That the right wing is hypocritical in their criticism of political correctness and they themselves indulge in enforcing their sensibilities and stifling expression. 2, The left is hypocritical in their political correctness because if what the director said were to offend their sensibilities they’d be the first people to say “freedom of speech isn’t freedom from consequences” and throw every single accusation at his character imaginable.

      2. Hey, now there’s an idea for one of Bob’s videos: the mixed-up history between Supergirl and Ms. Marvel. Hopefully, there were no conscious or intentional ripping off.

    8. The fact that the escapist’s video player doesn’t have keyboard shortcuts pisses me off to no end.

      1. Hear hear!

    9. Well, part of the complaints from the comic-reading community is that Carol just sort of exploded over night. One day she is ‘Ms More Identities than fingers’ that more often than not played second fiddle to people like Iron Man, and the next day she’s the leading lady of Marvel charting her own course and appearing almost everywhere… sort of like they do with Wolverine and Deadpool. And the issue for some is that it didn’t feel natural, House of M happened over a decade ago and Carol only assumed the Captain Marvel name in 2012, it felt more like an editorial bet, but good for them it paid off. (This obviously isn’t the only reason from that group to dislike Carol, but it is one).

      1. Yeaah, it’s kind of funny how the hate seems to be defended with ‘well we don’t even know who she IS’ – when they claim to be THE comic book nerds.

        She’s never been top-billing, even all her major character arcs have been all over the place in different comics, from X-Men to Avengers and even some cameo in Defenders (the UK super-team).

        But I’d like to think that having damn near three decades of content would make her at LEAST as recognizable as, say, Black Panther (though certain ‘fans’ did blow that out of proportion too).

        Honestly, I hope if this goes well (and when Marvel gets X-Men rights back) they’ll put her in with X-Men on their first encounter with The Brood. Xenomorph-expy and body horror growing into a massively Guardians Of The Galaxy-esque cosmic hijinks – And we could get Cyclops some character development with the Starjammers and his dad to the bargain.

    10. No one is upset about it. People are upset with Larsons patently racist remarks.
      And the Idea that it’s because she’s a woman is ridiculous, just look at how well alita battle angel is doing, and your entire “gamers and comics fans are ultra racist scum” falls to pieces.

    11. i have to admit, i lost it at both the Super Crown part and the “…..start?” bits, with a minor loss at “i’m so tired”.

    12. This reminds me of the Sad Puppies incident a few years ago. For those who don’t know, basically a bunch of white guys got mad that sci-fi novels weren’t featuring people like them anymore and rigged the election of an award so some low-quality story won. The attempt was so obvious those in charge canceled the whole thing. IIRC even the author who won refused the award.

    13. Well said, Bob. Very well said.

    14. I wouldn’t make such a fuzz about this. One good reason for corporations to put strong female characters as protagonists, is because many people will talk, scream, shoutc cry and complain about it. The guys who are against the “skw agenda” in hollywood pretty much gives them free publicity, and is very probably that they’ll also go and watch it anyways.
      So keep bashing it, you are making it a favour.

    15. Without diving deep in comics lore I wanted to touch on Rogue for a second. What Carol and Rogue share in common, aside from the power set, is attitude and popularity from the fans because of that attitude. Rogue was a fan favorite for quite some time and perhaps that confident portrayal was something readers wanted. I think Rogue/Carol Danvers might be an arch-type is what I’m saying.

    16. No one ever talks about her losing her powers to Rogue, going on adventures with the X-Men, being romantically involved with Wolverine, becoming Binary, then losing her Binary powers … then becoming Warbird … then becoming a burnout drunk … So thanks for that part, Bob.

      Also, I still hate the fucking mask of the new costume.

      Now onto the way the “boys on the internet are mad” thing: It’s not the character (we have a completely different subset of that pile to unpack) who is pissing a lot of these people off, but Brie Larson’s own comments (or interpretations of said comments).

    17. 1) Carol Danver’s Captain Marvel is so unpopular that she had multiple series cancelled.

      2) Better short summary of House of M: It’s a alternate reality where mutants ruled the world caused by a then mentally-unstabbled Scarlet Witch. In that universe, Carol Danvers is a popular superhero named Captain Marvel who thinks she’s a mutant when she actually isn’t.

      3) Monica Rambeau, the black woman, is the very first woman to be called Captain Marvel after the original died. So why did Marvel decided to make a movie based on the lame blonde-haired blue-eyed white woman is beyond me.

      4) “Men on the Internet are mad about it” MechaRandom42, ComicBookGirl19, Geeky Sparkles from Clownfish TV, ThatStarWarsGirl, Aydin Paladin, Honey Badger Brigade, Martina Markota

      5) Steven Crowder? Why did you even bring him up?

      6) Petty jabs at ComicsGate

      7) She’s called “Carl Manvers” because she at times been drawned in a way that makes looks like a man.

    18. I mean, I know it’s not this movie’s fault, but I’m still bummed about “Shazam”. Billy Batson is *MY* Captain Marvel.

    19. Disingenuous as always, Bob. Eye Roll.

    20. I have a much muted excitement for Captain Marvel compared to a typical marvel release simply because after infinity war I only care about what would happen in the next one. It’s the rare movie along with TFA where I would’ve just sat unmoving in my theater seat and continued to watch the next one unblinking if there had been the option. Hard for anything else to register against that level of anticipation.

    21. This is a small-scale movie, mostly targeted towards a female demographic. So I think most people expect this movie to do as well as Ant-man (or maybe Dr. Strange at best); it’s definitely not going to be another Black Panther (if it does: all the better for it).
      So I just hope the manbabies aren’t going to cry victory if it only reaches that Ant-Man levels of money in the worldwide box office. I mean, It’s what we expected, it’s not their victory.

    22. Im feeling like attacking the backlash is at best, fish in a barrel, and at worse, Streisand-effect inducing. Can you do more Big Pictures about the movies and characters and backstory? You don’t need to keep your camera on the audience all the time.

    23. I have liked Carol as a character as long as I knew she existed.
      Recently the comic shop I frequent (Dark Side) had “The Ms. Marvel Years” vols. 1 and 2 on sale and I got both. I will put them next to the She-Hulk books by Dan Slott.

    24. I loudly yelled “FUCK” when that crown popped up. Bob’s comedic timing whether accidental or not was great on that.

    25. I’ve long thought that there was going to be an ugly moment when the more exclusionary parts of the comics set were going to realize that they were no longer the bulk of the audience for these characters who are now part of the much larger global popular culture. I figured that moment would give rise to some pretty ugly stuff.
      Are we there now? and if we are, is there ever going to be an end to all the disgusting vitriol being thrown around?

    26. Good to see some corners of the internet are still sane.

      1. You have very low standars. Just because a video reflects your biases and ideology doesnt mean its “sane”.

    27. “Waaah comics are left leaning!”
      Captain America PUNCHES ADOLPH HITLER in the Face!
      In 1941. BEFORE the war.

      1. Now the notion that you are conservative and still want to punch Adolph Hitler in the face seems still legit.

        I got your point, but you did not make it very well … or too well, if you intended to point out of Nazism is en vogue again.

    28. Bob, I was waiting for you to fly in to rescue Brie Larson. Nobody is mad at Captain marvel or having a female lead superhero movie. Frankly, I have seen just as many female content creators as male ones online calling out Brie Larson for her behavior. it just boils down to her making derogatory comments towards a particular race and gender of person.

      If diversity and inclusivity are going to exist then it can’t be about revenge against the perceived majority. You can build one up without tearing the other down. If Robert Downey jr. where to stand up in front of an audience and say that he didn’t care about the opinions of black women in the movie wasn’t made for them, just imagine the Fallout that would come from that. As long as double standards like this persist there is going to be controversy. Equality means just that, equal. Everybody is held to the same standard.

    29. “Captain” Marvel? As if. His name was Mar-Vell.

    30. I knew this would happen.
      At some point, Captain America became the fan favorite and eclipsed Iron Man as the mcu’s “main guy”, and we can’t have that. Cap is literally everything they hate…a white straight cis blond Christian male patriotic military man. They have to fix this…
      Enter Captain Marvel. She’s the Most Powerful Ever, she’ll singlehandedly beat the snot out of Thanos, all the males will love her (but she’ll spurn them*), and Marvel/Disney will try and force everyone to accept her as the new “main guy” Marvel Mascot…they’ll try and force her into the same “mascot poster-boy” role Wolverine occupied for so many years. She’ll be front-and-center in all the artwork. New cartoons and stuff will have titles like, “Captain Marvel and *whatever*”.
      It’ll be like Rey all over again.

      *Except for Black Panther …they’ll become a couple. Because that would be, like, so Woke.

      1. I can’t tell if you’re joking or not.

      2. Captain America is a terrible character, that’s why he has to go.

        Nothing pleases me than to see you misogynistic comic book boys weep.

    31. I was initially skeptical about this new direction for the show. I agree with 90% of Bob’s politics, but I was worried when I saw this video’s title that it would ALL be about the basement-dwelling sex-starved assholes who think the most important thing is “beating” the “SJWs”. Then I started watching the video, and I was actually a little disappointed that it seemed to be just a “classic”-style discussion of the history of the character. Then I watched to the end and realized it was a combination of the two: I like it. 🙂

    32. I hope Spider-Woman gets her own films or at the very least gets to be a major Avengers character moving forward, people have been pointing out they might just make Gwen Stacy the Spider-Woman of the MCU because of that Spider-Verse film and while that is a good idea I’d rather have Jessica Drew as Spider-Woman

      As to who could play her:

    33. Yeah, I don’t get the pissiness about the movie either, but it’s irrelevant. There is literally zero chance of this film underperforming.

    34. Cognizant analysis, Bob! You are a rational beacon amid terrible trash fires.

    35. I’m glad both this and Shazam looks good, I wouldn’t want the DC Cap to fade into obscurity

      1. Shazam seems to be the first DC movie in forever that is ‘fun’. Not some overly dramatic or gritty epos, just superhero fun.

    36. I definitely want a House of M video. I’m only aware of that by it having a terrible reputation but I’ve never really dared look into why.
      I’m just hoping it’s not Avengers 200 levels of bad…

        Here’s a parody video that makes fun of the comic and having read the actual comic, yeah it’s pretty much this bad.

      2. I just remember about House of M was that Wolverine was pretty much Nick Fury and was sleeping with Mystique. Guess we know what his main desires were!

    37. My buddy is one of the people who sees something somehow alarming in the Ms. Marvel movie. Actually, not even the movie. He bent my ear the other day about how different the movie’s TRAILER was from the other Marvel Cinematic Universe ones and that this was somehow Very Significant. And, yes, he mentioned “Comics Gate.”

      I tried to point out that trailers are just that and that if *maybe* the studio is going for a slightly different audience with this film its probably because with a female lead the studios are thinking that they can get a lot of girls’ butts-on-seats, in the same way that when Black Panther movie hit the theaters, my local cineplex was packed and looked like a NAACP rally. They were psyched that they now had a superhero that they could call their own.

      What makes the Ms. Marvel controversy supremely weird is that, as Chipman points out, until very recently, the Marvel version of Captain Marvel hadn’t dented the public consciousness at all — and even now she’s not on the level of Iron Man or Dr. Strange. She’s basically getting her own film because it was either her or She-Hulk (And the late ex-WWE star Chyna’s performance remains definitive for that character — Thank you, I’ll be here all week!) as the “girl” Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. So it’s not like the Ghostbusters reboot, where at least the they’re-pushing-their-SJW-agenda-on-us! argument could be comprehended by the fact that they had gender-swapped the characters. Ms. Marvel a movie starring a superhero that hardly anyone even knew about. But just doing that seems to be an issue for some people, including, in my case, a good and otherwise decent friend.

      1. Plenty of people, at least people who read comics, KNOW about Carol Danvers, it is just that nobody LIKES her!

        Look, I started reading MARVEL comics in the 80’s, and to me Captain Marvel is, and forever will remain Monica Rambeau. An interesting character with unique powers that I would have loved to see in the MARVEL cinematic universe. But clearly we can’t have that happen … I wonder if it is because she is black.

        Instead, we get a Her-o! It is Captain Misandry, here to teach us all about “white lady feminism” if we want it or not. We already have a “strong female hero (Black Widow) or two (Wasp) in the MARVEL cinematic universe, or even the (ACTUALLY) most powerful hero of them all (Scarlet Witch) who can literally change reality (and does not need no bloody infinity gauntlet to do it!) This Captain Marvel brings nothing to the table that Thor or Iron Man hadn’t already given us.

        Sigh … but no, we are getting the most boring disliked female character in MARVEL comics … I wish we had rather gotten She-Hulk.

        1. “Nobody LIKES her!”

          Yeah, keep shouting that and maybe you can believe it’s true in your tiny whiny mind.

          I started reading Marvel comics in the 80’s as well, and whoever ‘Captain Marvel’ title is this week, Carol Danvers is, to me, always going to be a badass character who has an interesting arc – one that is approachable because it’s full of human frailty, failure and getting back on the horse.

          One of the earliest (and note, I didn’t read X-Men in order because it didn’t publish in order over here) memories I have of Carol is from the X-Men first Genosha arc, where she, depowered by Rogue some time earlier, appears and works with Wolverine and Kitty to fight the Genoshan State. She fights by their side as an equal, because GUESS WHAT, she’s an ACTUAL TRAINED Special Forces soldier!

          Later, after losing her Binary powers, she develops an alcohol problem and eventually ends up getting kicked out of the Avengers, just before they leave Earth with the X-Men to go fight someone (I think it was Mr. Sinister) in the Grand Evolutionarys’ space station that is threatening to mutate everyone on Earth uncontrollably.

          She tries to follow them (drunk) on her remaining powers, gets to the edge of atmosphere and then falls back down, crawling back into the bar she just left. Then when Avengers return, Earth Saved, she wakes up with a hangover and realizes she has to get her life back on order – and instead of just hopping up and going about it, struggles for a good long while until reappearing and (eventually) getting the ‘Captain Marvel’ mantle (for some reason, I haven’t read that arc yet because, well, lots of other crap put me off Marvel for a while).

          So yeah, Carol Danvers is an actual bad-ass and a PERSON, instead of a cookie-cutter Superman or Batman Expy, kind of like why Spider-Man is more relatable than, say, any number of ‘the most powerful man in the Universe’-type superheroes. Marvel has a pretty good track record in making those – but the process often takes years.

          Your actual reasoning is ‘she’s Captain Misandry’ – focusing on whatever you and those other red-piller assholes BELIEVE Brie Larson, the Actor – not the CHARACTER has maybe said or done in public, blown to beyond Dragonball Z proportion. It seems you (general you) are more angry at the fact that there is a ‘feemale’ superhero who is getting a solo movie, than you are about the actual character story (which you, like ANYONE else, has not yet seen!).

      2. Oh GOD you had to mention Chyna’s connection with that character…..

    38. I’ve been putting off the Marvel Rising stuff for now despite it having a lot of my favorite characters, but Riri just sold me on it. That is a great costume.

      1. Her old armour got destroyed by Thanos in The Champions.
        A comic series which, thankfully, has stopped being so damn political. I’m a lefty for sure and the issues they brought up were things I agreed with…but it was so ham-fistedly done it made me groan.

        They’ve got a different writing team now and it’s working well for them, I feel.

        That said, Riri Williams has a new solo series called Ironheart in that costume. It’s been pretty good so far! I like the new armour as well, it’s a lot more expressive than her Iron Man copy armour.

    39. For anyone interested Bob’s old videos on Carol Danvers are really spectacular!

    40. From what I can tell, it’s something to do with Star Wars protagonist Rey’s characterisation feeling undercooked, and some folks online have decided that she wasn’t just an underwritten female character, she was a character who was underwritten BECAUSE she was female, as though deciding to make a character female acts as a creative toxin that moves throughout the writing process and ruins it, and thus the same fate will effect any premier female lead from now on.
      To be fair, I did find Rey very unsatisfying. Two movies in, I still don’t feel like I know what kind of a person she is. And I’m open to the idea that maybe Lucasfilm let their desire to create a cinematic icon for young girls first and a character second may have contributed to that, but what I object to is the notion that setting out to make a role model character is a 100% guaranteed failure.
      I’m sure it’s a juggling act that invites additional writing challenges, but if somebody feels like they’re up to that task, and a bunch of man-children are saying “I told you so!” before they’ve even seen the result, then it sound to me like said man-children not only think it’s true that such an approach is fundamentally impossible to do well, but WANT it to be true. Which is messed up.

      1. I think Rey character has the same core motivation as a Disney Princess. No joke, I mean it: She feel like she doesn’t belong, she wishes for ”more” and want to find a place for her and want to discover what IS her purpose. She feels not that fleshed out because to know who she is is the endgoal of her arc. Compared to Finn and Kylo who have always a clear goal and a desire (even if those change, they are always explicit) she does may sounds like the lesser character. Finn was trained to be a stormtrooper, on the first day he saw that that’s not what he wants and is hellbent on running away from war. On the way he starts to discover that this is a war worth fighting, not on the side he was before, and ”running away and not taking sides” is not a good position for him anymore. There is conflict, and there is a change in desires and in goal, but there was always desires and goal. Kylo is heavily conflicted and changes a lot more, but still there is a clear motivation, his hate and bitterness for his uncle and the Jedi, the desire to distance himself from the part of the family that represents those aspects, and the desire to be like his grandfather (the idealized version of his grandfather). As dual as he might be, as many internal conflict he might have and as much changes in alliances he goes through, Kylo is a very emotionally defined character, all motivated by bitterness towards the family he knows, and glorification of the one he doesn’t. Rey wants to help the Resistence, she wants to become a Jedi. Why? There really isn’t and inner justification for this desire, but that’s because she wants to do those things in order to discover herself. It’s the reverse process. But to me, that’s very interesting. In a way, makes for the perfect center of the story now, so meta that it is. I felt self-inserted in way. I think speaks to struggles of a generation, like Luke did back in 77.

    41. I first heard of Ms. Marvel in, of all places, the X-Men animated series from the 90’s, in an episode that revealed how Rogue got her flying and super-strength, which put Ms. Marvel in a coma. My 9-year-old mind was all “who the heck is she?!” then didn’t see her for a decade until I picked up, yeah, House of M. I would have liked to hear Bob’s take on what Carol was doing in the 90’s, the time when

      I guess if I have a problem with the upcoming movie, it’s being told how important she is through trailers and commercials when she hasn’t been even mentioned off-hand in a conversation by anyone in the movies or on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. That way, it feels more organic to the wider narrative of the shared MCU. Otherwise, it raises the mystery of why she’s been apparently forgotten on Earth for, like, 20 years.

      1. Read X-Men, she has some parts in there once recovered from the coma, but she doesn’t appear in major publications (let alone have an independent publication) for some years.

    42. Yeah the gamergate fanboys are silly. Bree Larson said she’d like to see more woman and POC doing press for the movie and they immediately went to the “She Racist, WHITE GENOCIDE!” defense. I commented somewhere else and got called a SJW and an NPC in the same sentence.

    43. Thought this weeks show would be about Green Book’s surprise win, guess not.

      1. The Youtube upload of Oscars: Inanity War adds his thoughts

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