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Are you ready for the team-up of the… first month of January? The full Cobra Kai season 3 trailer landed today, and it seems to have old rivals finally joining forces to take on an even greater evil. Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso are joining together to make sure that Kreese doesn’t ruin the world of karate (in a very localized area) for good.

The Cobra Kai season 3 trailer is a bit of a celebration after the series was canceled by the now-defunct YouTube Red but found such success on Netflix that the company ordered not only this third season but a fourth as well. The show has a strong following that grew out of its binge-watching on Netflix, and the streamer is looking to capitalize by bringing it back and diving deeper into Karate Kid lore with the return of a few characters from The Karate Kid Part II and a trip to Japan. At this rate, expect the show to reveal Hillary Swank guest-starring in season 4 as the series attempts to challenge The Mandalorian for fan service callbacks.

We also get to see in the new trailer Robby stuck in what looks like juvie after kicking Miguel over the railing and Miguel beginning his training to once again be able to walk and, maybe, do karate again sometime in the future. There also appears to be some tension in the new direction Cobra Kai is going under Kreese, so we’ll see if anyone else flips sides.

Cobra Kai season 3 premieres on Netflix on Jan. 8.

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