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Critical Mix Q&A

What the heck is this?

Critical Mix is a sequel/continuation of Critical Miss, a webcomic that ran in Escapist Magazine from 2010 to 2018. It also borrows a few cast members from our other comic, Erin Dies Alone. It’s about video games and people. And people from video games.

So is this like … The Erinverse or something? Do I need to have read those comics to understand what’s going?

No. Critical Mix is set after Critical Miss, but skips over some of the more outlandish events that occurred in the original gag strips. For example, we’re ignoring that strip where Erin traveled through time and shot herself in the face. The comic has no connection to EDA outside of the borrowed cast members, who are going to end up pretty different anyway.

But I don’t understand what’s going on…

That’s just because the writing is bad. Don’t worry about it.

So are Erin Stout and Erin Dies Alone Erin different people?

Yes. There’s no connection whatsoever.

But why do they have the same name?

It’s a fairly common name.

Does this mean Critical Miss and Erin Dies Alone are finished?

Critical Miss is definitely finished, but Erin Dies Alone is just on hiatus. Erin Dies Alone is a passion project, but it doesn’t pay the bills. We also really wanted to be part of Escapist Magazine Volume Two and it felt right that our new contribution to the site should be an amalgam of our previous two comics.

What’s the update schedule like?

Provided neither of us get hit by a bus, arrested by the authorities, or spontaneously develop a social life, Cory and I plan to work our way up to updating critical Mix four times a week.

Why the character focus? I miss pure joke strips.

In the eight years I was writing Critical Miss, I think I drained the video game joke well dry. There simply aren’t that many jokes you can make about video games before you start getting into hyper-specific material about rune buffs in Dota 2 or you become an outrage farmer glibly informing people that the things they like are bad. What I found while writing Erin Dies Alone is that I much prefer writing about how video games fit into people’s lives to just writing about video games alone. Critical Mix is just a very literal take on that idea. That being said, there will likely be the occasional gag strip. If we ever make the jump to five strips a week, the fifth will likely be a weekly gag strip.

Is Rad Panda a raccoon?

I honestly get asked this bewildering question so often that it’s already a running joke in Erin Dies Alone. No. Rad is not a raccoon. Rad is a Red Panda. That’s … that’s the joke.

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