Cruel World (blame everybody else) droqen one day only platformer

Droqen, one of the creators featured in last year’s eclectic 10mg (10 Minute Games), collection has returned. His latest offering is called Cruel World (blame everybody else), which he describes colorfully as a “mingleplayer masocore platformer.”

He also calls it an experimental platformer. Character movement appears to be a little unpredictable, with the player able to bounce, roll, double jump, and wall-kick. Those mechanics share real estate with a text-based interface, where players will interact with objects allowing them to save progress and unlock new areas.

The world of the game will be persistent, recording everything that occurs within it. Droqen’s description reads, “Will you protect yourself from the selfish actions of other players by taking selfish actions yourself, or will you keep faith and fight the good fight, no matter the personal consequences?” However, exactly how players will interact is not clear.

Cruel World droqen one day only platformer

Cruel World (blame everybody else) is being released as part of the Games That Shouldn’t Be Games Jam 2021, and as such it will only be on sale via for 24 hours, beginning noon EST on April 1, though its online servers will remain active in perpetuity.

Droqen’s contribution to the 10mg collection was HANDMADEDEATHLABYRINTH issue 0, which was a surprisingly tough 2D ARPG with a memorable atmosphere, and this new game definitely seems to be echoing the rampant creativity that permeated that previous effort.

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