Do you think Destiny‘s “Crota’s End” raid is tough? Try beating it by yourself with grenades and melee attacks only.

We really shouldn’t be surprised by these displays anymore, should we? There are countless examples of dedicated players beating multiplayer content single-handedly – sometimes literally. But taking on the toughest Destiny raid to date, by yourself, without using a gun? And winning? There really should be an in-game achievement for that.

The raid, for non-Destiny players out there, is “Crota’s End” – a high-level finale to the already challenging “The Dark Below” DLC expansion. Beating this level, its minions, and the ridiculously powerful boss Crota requires six players working together – with their guns – right up until the last moment. But much like mad scientists of old, Destiny streamer TheHM05 was laughed at by commenters who said beating Crota without guns was impossible. So over the course of three months, he developed a strategy to beat “Crota’s End” by himself…. without firing a shot.

How did TheHM05 do it? With a highly-refined Warlock specializing in quick-respawn grenades, Sunsinger supers, and a cranked-up melee punch. It’s even possible to have successful melee strikes refresh grenades even faster – which certainly doesn’t hurt. And of course, upon reaching a key point the sword relic activates that can be used to finish off Crota himself. But it’s still absolutely nuts, given that “Crota’s End” starts with a Level 30 difficulty. (He also soloed it in Hard Mode, although he still needs guns there… for now.)

“Take that you stupid trolls,” TheHM05 said victoriously. “That’s what you get. You said I couldn’t do it. Said it was impossible. All of you are dumb, and I am awesome.”

I find myself relieved nobody laughed at TheHM05 to say he couldn’t build a deathray or something. Given how hard “Crota’s End” can be, it probably would’ve only taken him an extra month or two.

Source: Eurogamer

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