Good news: We finally have a teaser trailer for Deus Ex: The Fall. Bad news: It does little to explain what exactly Deus Ex: The Fall might be.

I’ve been chronicling the shadowy existence of Deus Ex: The Fall for months now. In March I reported that publisher Square Enix had registered a number of domains using the name “DeusExThe Fall.” Then, only yesterday, I reported on a brief Twitter message that appeared on the official account of Deus Ex: Human Revolution developer Eidos Montreal. It read simply, “Are YOU ready for The Fall?”

Today I received an email announcing that Eidos and Square Enix had opted to release an official teaser for Deus Ex: The Fall. “Finally,” I thought to myself, “we’ll get a solid look at the game (or whatever it is)!” After all this time however, I probably should have realized that I was being too optimistic. Yes, we do now have a teaser for Deus Ex: The Fall, but unfortunately I remain nowhere nearer the ability to tell any of you what exactly this thing is supposed to be.

For reasons outlined in my piece on the Twitter blurb, we feel safe in assuming that Deus Ex: The Fall is going to be a new game. More specifically, it’s going to be a new entry in the storied Deus Ex franchise. At this point it’s been too long since the last DLC was released for Deus Ex: Human Revolution for Eidos Montreal to suddenly spring a new addition for that title on us, and with E3 mere days away it seems an apt time for the announcement of a new game.

Beyond that though? It’s all still a mystery. It does seem safe to assume that the date spelled out in the 7-second teaser is written in European notation, meaning that come June 5 (read: tomorrow) Eidos will offer us something more solid to go on. Expect a report just as soon as that information becomes public (and please keep your fingers crossed that the reveal is substantial; I’m getting tired of following this … whatever it is).

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