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Film critic Bob Chipman gets all classy to review the feature film culmination of Downton Abbey, an extremely popular TV show that he’s never actually seen (so this is what that feels like…).

This is MovieBob reviewing Downton Abbey for Escape to the Movies.

Bob Chipman
Bob Chipman is a critic and author.

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    1. I do think the an “outsider perspective” on these movies is perhaps more
      valuable than an insider’s. I am of the opinion that a movie should
      stand on its own, and movies that only act as continuations to a TV show
      and are inaccessible to outsiders are usually the worst kinds of tie-in
      movies, with rare exceptions. As someone who does know the material, my
      opinion is strangely quite similar, the plot with the staff was more
      interesting because of new elements introduced where the “upstairs”
      story was less interesting but nice in the sense that it tied up some
      dangling threads.

    2. THAT’S where my bedsheets went!

      1. Seconding, wow.

        How the hell is Bob making that look kind of work?

        1. Someone paid money for that. I assume it was him, but money was involved.

        2. It’s Bob. He’d probably wear the 6th Doctor’s garish multi-colored coat for a review and I’d still be totally on board. 😀

      2. Remember LL Cool J’s role in Toys? It made me think of his introduction when he was camouflaged as the couch.

    3. Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?

      Seriously, man – I love shit ugly clothes, but even for me that’s a little far.

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