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    1. Time to piss through your shitting holes, kids.

    2. God dammit, what did Markiplier do this time?

    3. Is this still a thing!? I thought that happened several weeks ago. I never bothered to check the outcome tho (the militarization of the sense of identity always turns me off).

    4. Oh, I was much happier forgetting that edgelord children’s entertainer ever existed. It’s easy to impress kids that want to hear people say the stuff their parents tell them off for. It doesn’t deserve rewarding. And oh noes, number one isn’t number one anymore…boo fucking hoo. Of course they’re going to try everything they can to keep a death grip on that ego-inflating spot and cash influx. It’s like any billionaire trying to tell their workers that a higher corporate tax rate is only going to hurt the poor…that’s what they always do!…they lie all the time and will try whatever bullshit they can to maintain their inconceivably large and growing income. Only fools and sycophants clamber to support those already at the top when they are told to.

      1. Yeah, he always goes “Oh woe is me!” and act like some underdog when in fact he’s a spoiled brat who couldn’t even clear the absurdly low “don’t be a racist” bar set by Disney. And he’s doubled down on it because it’s all he has. He can’t do analysis, he has no comedic timing, and his charisma was surgically removed at birth it seems. His channel is just a bunch of dead air, it has nothing of substance. It’s the gaming equivalent of bottom of the barrel reality TV.

    5. Damn that was a waste of 7 minutes.
      Whinge whinge whinge.


      yeah cool cool man, uhh was that it though?
      thats your video?
      oh, ok. I see why you’re irrelevant old man.

    6. Jeez, I’m not 2 minutes in and I’ve heard so many assumptions and not actual facts about Pewdiepie that this feels like it is gonna be a cringy “I heard this about him but didn’t bother getting any context or do much research, but I’m gonna pile on him and speak as if it’s correct and factual” rest of the video…

      I’m normally with ya, Bob… I doubt it this time, I’m afraid.

    7. How petty do you have to be to have over 50,000,000 subscribers and be so insecure about not being the most subscribed channel in YouTube? It’s like how Black Ops 4 made 500,000,000 dollars in 3 days and was considered a failure by Activision shareholder because it’s 50,000,000 less and not at least 100,000,000 more.

      Doesn’t help that said YouTuber has to be an id-driven jackass who always finds new ways to be racist after previous attempt had him called out? First it’s paying ones to raise a sign with the words “Death to the Jews”, then shouting the n-word in a livestream, then ‘accidentally’ putting on an entire KKK uniform, then promoting Ben “you’re sponsoring the militant homosexual agenda” Shapiro while claiming to not know about who he was promoting. Eventually, you gotta realise his apologies are becoming more and more hollow and he ends up becoming an alt-right figurehead.

    8. Wait, why can you say, “Logan Paul”, and, “Hbomberguy”, but not, “👾?”

    9. Ugh, I hate [insert classic video game sound effect].

    10. PewDiePie aside, there’s obviously a very large market for user-created content that goes against the mainstream grain. I’m kind of confused as to why Google is digging their heels in to try and position YT as a regular content distributor ala Netflix & Hulu. That market is already saturated. YouTube Red failed miserably. They essentially gave the Karate Kid reboot away since most folks signed up for a free trial & then dumped the service long before billing would have begun. YouTube Premium is not going to do any better IMHO. YT has a virtual monopoly in terms of monetizing independent creator content. Why not continue to help that flurish?

      A lot of folks on here seem to think that there is a massive threat of youth being radicalized by this guy & that letting large corporations step in & re-instate the status quo is the answer. Scary.

    11. This is the first I’ve heard about this. Frankly it doesn’t really matter to me who is #1 on YouTube. YouTube is already a soulless corporation since they’re run by Google, so what does it matter if *redacted* is bumped from the #1 spot by someone with a corporate backing? And if it’s really that much of a concern I’m sure there are better YouTubers you could be backing instead of that fuckstick.

    12. Well that video was a waste of time….

    13. …Bob, I don’t exactly mind the sound effects, it’s a cute gag, but please please please please please double-check the audio levels with headphones on before wrapping the video, a few of them are a touch uncomfortable >_<.

    14. Stupid gaming controversies? How apropos.

    15. I don’t know the controversy, but I probably don’t need too going by how the standard setting for the regressive left has been petty outrage and not much else. Feminism, not even once.

      1. I’m sorry your feelings are so hurt.

    16. Glad you’re finally talking about this. It’s so childish seeing a large crowd of gamers rally behind what is essentially a billionaire angry that the Indian dancers are more popular than him.

      1. He seems to have a particular problem with Indians who he feels are getting a little too “uppity”.

        1. True. He wants to make this out to sound like you have to make him No.1 to save youtube and the internet but how many of his loyal fans or youtube friends know about article 15? How much of his money has he used to ensure that isn’t passed?

          Because that’ll be much more dangerous to content creators than a bollywood music company.

    17. It’s just adorable to me that all these kids think that YouTube wasn’t ALREADY a soulless corporation, LOL, or at least hasn’t been for YEARS now until mean ol T-Series showed up.

      No children, it was always like this, you’ve simply just grown up and discovered Capitalism ^_^

      The “symbolism” of Pewdiepie keeping his Most Subscribed spot isn’t going to change a SINGLE thing in terms of how the site wants to move forward, if the corporations really want YouTube to squeeze folks out, they’re going to do it whether you like it or not. This situation isn’t about him specifically, put Markiplier or Jacksepticeye at the top spot instead and nothing changes. Capitalism’s Gonna Capitalism.

      …though as Bob suggests, it DOES kind of make it easier for them to justify it when you get a constant fuckup like Felix to point at and say “Look see, the kids can’t monitor themselves properly, so we gotta do what we gotta do, oh well ¯_(ツ)_/¯”

      But yeah, either way it goes, as Dan Olson put it, Platforms Are Not Your Friends, and to me what explains this existential crisis that people are having is about them coming to realize that.

      1. A lot of adults unconsciously build their sense of identity based on the things they enjoy rather than aspects of who they are. The people defending this clown are no different from people bleeding from the eyes about She-Ra or Ghostbusters or whatever shit they’re worked up about this week. An attack on what they like is seen as an attack on them as a person, so they must leap to his defense and find as many ways as possible to justify their bad behavior, since the alternative is admitting the thing they like and have internalized to such a degree as to be indistinguishable from their self-identity is flawed or even bad. And they just can’t handle that level of introspection yet.

    18. …I have the distinct suspicion that he’s talking about PewDiePie… I don’t know what controversy Bob’s talking about, but honestly, I’m surprised PeeWeeDiDi is still around after all the dumb shit he’s said and done, but then again, if the Internet has proven anything, it’s that any conroversy won’t really bring any “Internet celebrity” down much; oh sure, there will be the initial blowback, but eventually everyone who got angry/upset will get bored, move on to someone else, and then get angry at anyone who dares to still try and talk about it after it was “done” being the hot topic of conversation. Meanwhile, the people who supported these “Internet celebrities” before who don’t want to admit they enjoy watching someone who might not be all that great of a person will continue to support them no matter what, and eventually there will still be enough people for these “Internet celebrity” to continue to make a living and do whatever they want, now knowing that any whoopsie-daisy they make is only temporary.

      …Okay, that rant went on a little longer than I imagined. Still, this stuff is surprisingly common, especially on YouTube, how about that? :/

    19. As far as I know the only reason Flappy Bird became a surprise hit was because *redacted* sought out this obscure title and made a video about it. They might have changed approach since then but my understanding is that that is not an isolated incident, they actually seek out obscure/little exposed titles to make videos about, the very thing the overthinker requested we subscribe to channels for.

      1. So the example you decided to go with was a game that was taken off app stores for a year because the creator was ashamed of how undeservedly popular it got and how compulsively people started to play it? A game that inspired wave after wave of shovelware copycats that still plague app stores to this day? Not terribly persuasive. Did *redacted* ever effectively signal-boost a game that actually deserved it?

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