Gamedec, Anshar Studios

Gamedec is an isometric story cyberpunk RPG that was just announced ahead of Gamescom.

Published and developed by Anshar Studios, Gamedec looks to be following more in the footsteps of something like Blade Runner rather than next year’s Cyberpunk 2077.

Anshar says players will solve crimes as a private detective in a XXII century Warsaw. The twist, however, is that the cases being solved involve virtual worlds. Gamedec is adaptive and it sounds like choices matter, so expect the weighty decisions teased in the game’s first trailer to play a part in the final game.

Gamedec starts to set itself apart from other entries in the cyberpunk sub-genre with the virtual worlds the trailer describes. In some cases, children are used as slaves to operate in free-to-play games, while other cases involve murders over game-related clans. This exaggerated take on where games and gamers could go has yet to be explored to this extent and promises plenty of potentially original scenarios.

All we know about Anshar’s plans for Gamedec comes from the trailer and a few descriptions on the game’s Steam page, but expect more in the future as Gamescom rolls around Aug. 20.

Gamedec is currently set to launch on PC in 2020.

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