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Expand Geralt’s wardrobe with the all new Venomous Viper set including in Hearts of Stone, the first DLC add-on for The Witcher 3. See what it takes to get all six diagrams with our expansion overview.

CD Projekt Red, the development team behind The Witcher 3 isn’t known for expansions or downloadable add-ons, but they’ve changed course with two expansions. The first of which is Hearts of Stone, putting Geralt on a quest involving Frog Princes, wishes, and other classic fairy tale tropes turned on their heads. According to The Escapist’s own Steven Bogos, Hearts of Stone is “Story-telling excellence.” Check out the complete review right here.

For even more DLC gear, learn how to get the Witcher 3 Wolf School Gear with a quick locations rundown.

Venomous Viper Witcher Gear Guide

After collecting the diagrams, return to a Blacksmith to craft the gear.

The Venomous Viper Witcher Set diagrams are only available in the Heart of Stone DLC main quest line. The set itself consists of four Medium Armor pieces and two swords. Geralt must be at least Level 39 to equip.

Armor Diagram Location

Start the Main Quest ‘Open Sesame!’ to get: Viper Armor, Viper Boots, Viper Gauntlets, and Viper Trousers.

Travel to Oxenfurt. In the Auction House, you’ll get a chance to explore before sitting down to take part in the auction proper. Go upstairs and speak with the Countess Mignole.

She’s an older woman leaning next to a large window. Select “Where’d you develop this interest in witchers’ things?” and the blacksmith will offer to sell all four armor diagrams. They cost 58 coin each.

Steel Sword Diagram Location

At the end of the ‘Open Sesame!’ quest, you’ll break into a lavish vault. To the left of the required quest item, there’s an open chest you can loot.

When the room is clear of guards, loot it to get the Viper venomous steel sword diagram. Don’t leave the vault without it!

Silver Sword Diagram Location

To get another sword diagram, complete the optional objective during the quest “Whatsoever a Man Soweth…” in Oxenfurt. That means you’ll need to stop and talk to Shani at her home.

Later, you’ll be confronted with a decision. Choose to “Help Olgierd” and then run through the strange dreamscape. When enemies appear down the path, cross the bridge to the right.

At the next fork, go left under an archway and up two sets of stairs. Take a right next, and you’ll eventually find stairs leading up to a bright orange light up a stair path to the left. Jump the gap in the steps to reach the glowing silver sword-in-the-stone. Loot it to get your last Viper diagram.

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