Rockstar Games has teamed up with Barking Irons to produce a limited edition line of apparel and bags based on Red Dead Redemption 2.

The premium line includes a set of four shirts decorated with subtle nods to the game and its developer like a railroad shirt stamped with the Rockstar Games logo and a denim chore shirt with Rockstar buttons. The shirts are priced between $92 and $150. Both the Barking Irons and Red Dead Redemption 2 names also appear on a trio of bags: a $75 large tote, a $325 duffel bag, and a $180 shoulder strap saddle bag.

“We feel strongly that games are works of art and deserve a lifestyle expression that speaks to that, which is what we were aiming to do with this conceptual line,” said Barking Irons creative director Daniel Casarella. “Rockstar has fought for the idea that games are part of the broader cultural conversation and not just specific to a hardcore gaming audience, which is what initially drew us to them. We want our collaborations to always echo that thinking; so while these high quality pieces could appeal to anyone, they stand out to fans and exist in the Red Dead universe.”

Barking Irons previously collaborated with Rockstar by producing a line of flannels ahead of the release of the original Red Dead Redemption.

“We wanted to build an elevated line that fit in these rich visual universes, something more in the spirit of the story, rather than being literal with the title or branding,” Casarella said. “That continued with L.A. Noire, where we dove into the character’s back story for the shirts we made. The Red Dead Redemption 2 Collection is a culmination of these past collaborations, which spanned more than 10 years – it’s been a beautiful jam!”

Gaming-themed clothing is typically the realm of far cheaper T-shirts and hoodies, but Cassarella said the Barking Irons line has been well received by fans. There seems to be an audience who is willing to pay a premium to show their love for a game while still dressing for the office. Barking Irons has already sold out of the line’s one outerwear piece, a “gunslinger jacket.”

“People seem to be genuinely surprised by the fit and feel and we have to think that’s because they perhaps weren’t expecting clothing associated with a game to be this level of quality,” Casarella said. “At Barking Irons, we’ve always been committed to using high quality materials so it’s really exciting to be able to bring that to fellow fans of Red Dead Redemption 2. We’ve also gotten a ton of requests to make more items from the game!”

Samantha Nelson
Contributor at The A.V. Club, Polygon and the Chicago Tribune. Member of the Critical Hit podcast.

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