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Jack uses From Software’s classic Dark Souls to teach basic lessons in self-help and professional productivity. Tune in next week when Jack uses Bloodborne to explain write-offs and tax exemptions for LLCs.

This is UnderDeveloped with Jack Packard, talking about Dark Souls and productivity.

Jack Packard
Jack is a talented and very handsome comedian/video producer. He's worked with FunnyOrDie.com, RedLetterMedia, and previously was recorded on his video game show Previously Recorded. Jack now joins up with Escapist to shout into a camera and talk about himself in the third person.

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    1. Fyi – Riposte is a french word which basically means retaliation 🙂 .. and it’s said the same way as in english 🙂

    2. “Tune in next week when Jack uses to explain write-offs and tax exemptions for LLCs.”

      You better be true to your promise…

    3. “Focusing on one thing. Getting rid of distractions”

      <- Continuously looks behind Jack's talking head at all the distracting stuff in the background.

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