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Retro FPS love letter HROT Episode 1 will launch late next month. Solo developer Spytihněv published a short announcement trailer today that shows off some of the brooding atmosphere to expect when Episode 1 launches on Steam on Jan. 29, 2021. You can see HROT in all of its sepia-toned glory in the new trailer below.

HROT Episode 1 brings eight levels, 16 enemies, nine weapons, and four boss fights. You can also experience New Game+ and a Horde Mode, giving you lots to do before any additional episodes release.

The game takes place in Czechoslovakia following a mysterious disaster in 1986. Players are dropped into a defense shelter under a Prague metro station, where they are tasked with one simple goal: protecting their homeland.

When you’re not mowing down low-poly enemies with a variety of firearms in HROT Episode 1, you’ll take advantage of the appropriate hammer and sickle melee combo. Levels and the different items are rooted in history, as Spytihněv aimed to create a twisted view of an authentic world.

If you just can’t wait to get your hands on HROT’s retro gameplay, the game’s Steam page offers a free demo to download. The Escapist’s Elijah Beahm spent some time with HROT earlier this year, saying that the game “lovingly recaptures the flow of Half-Life, the otherworldly nature of Metro 2033, and the tight level design of Quake.”

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