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Hustlers is a sexy, compelling, funny, nuanced, touching, and often unexpectedly thoughtful crime drama that aims to be the Goodfellas of stripper movies, featuring Jennifer Lopez in a dramatic comeback role that could well net a Best Supporting Actress nomination.

This is Escape to the Movies with Bob Chipman, talking about Hustlers.

Bob Chipman
Bob Chipman is a critic and author.

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    1. You honestly just need to say “lets watch this movie with JLo as stripper” and most men will agree to watch.

    2. Glad I don’t work in a cinema anymore. I guarantee there are going to be a load of 50+ men jerking off in the cinema and who want’s to clean that up.

      1. That sounds like a story for the mailbag of the podcast “We Hate Movies”… 😀

    3. Huh? What was that part about “the system does it?”

      1. Probably the “1% steals from us and nothing happens because they’re the 1%” reality we’ve been facing for decades.

    4. There you go Bob. You guilted me into watching your take on a bad movie.

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