Enter the Freeman cost these Californian fans only $3,000 to make.

Okay, that has got to be one of the best opening lines, but everything about this fan-made Half Life tribute film is fantastic. Atmosphere, effects, the lot; truly superb, but fair warning: you might not want to watch this one at your work station. Just saying.

What makes it all the more incredible is it only cost about $3,000, shot on location at a Hollywood cottage. Director Ian James Duncan and co-producer Berhard Forcher let a few secrets to low-budget success slip in three tips and tricks videos. One talks directly about action behind the scenes, another shows how Freeman’s suit was put together, and there’s a how-to plus commentary feature as well.

“In Hollywood it’s probably a little bit easier,” Duncan admits, but he tells those who want to do the same that they can do it anywhere. Preparation is key; Duncan’s crew spent months putting this together, and their hard work really shows. Bravo!

Source: Eurogamer

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