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As we continue to work on strengthening The Escapist brand, I wanted to find a way to bring a new type of gaming coverage to the table. I wanted to find a way for us to combine both a hands-on preview, delivering new information about interesting upcoming games, as well as making sure to highlight the human stories behind those games as well.

So we’ve combined the efforts of our writing team with our Gameumentary assets to create a new type of “Cover Story” for Escapist.

Starting with Darksiders Genesis, we’ll be putting together an exclusive in-depth feature with hands-on previews of upcoming games and coupling them with a mini-documentary piece from Gameumentary that will give you a glimpse behind the scenes, highlighting the people behind the game while continuing to deliver new information about the project as well.

The Darksiders Genesis Cover Story will be released on Monday, Nov. 25 at noon EST, exclusively here on Escapist Magazine.

Each project will also feature an original piece of art from the super talented concept artist, Laur√©line Chambon; you’ll find it below in the gallery and it’s also the featured image of the article.

Thanks, and excited to share this project with you next week. See you then.

Nick Calandra

Nick Calandra
Editor in Chief of The Escapist. Previously founder of OnlySP and Gameumentary. Patiently waiting for the Red Wings to be good again.

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