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Taika Waititi takes a break from dividing longtime Marvel fandom by making the Thor movies much, much sillier than they were before in Thor: Ragnarok by giving an absurdist-comedy dressing-down to yet another infamous figure of Teutonic history. Though, this time it’s Hitler, so, hopefully it’s totally different people who are mad. Hopefully.

This is Escape to the Movies with Bob Chipman, talking about Jojo Rabbit.

Bob Chipman
Bob Chipman is a critic and author.

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    1. Uh, Bob? Your theme music seems to have decided to YEET itself out of the intro and outro.

      1. YouTube is hitting it with copyright all of a sudden. So guess we’ll be changing that up.

        1. Oh Youtube. I’d say never change, but sadly, you never will.

          1. Oh. OH, it’s changing. It just gets worse every time they change something. I think Zero Punctuation is getting hit hard because they don’t like the vulgarity of it now and stuff.

            I hope some day someone makes a challenger to YouTube and does a talent pull like Microsoft is doing with Mixer.

            1. Blip was getting there. Until Disney bought them out and immediately shut them down.

            2. Have to do the James Rolfe route and make a deal with Amazon to put the stuff on Prime or something

            3. The only other online video platform I know that could contend with YouTube is Vimeo.

            4. I find it ironic that now when they don’t even bother to censor the “seven words you can’t say on tv” on basic cable anymore, YouTube has gone nuts with it. SMH 🤦🏽‍♀️

      2. I have to say I always complained about Escapist’s video player, but if it’s that or youtube censoring BS, maybe it would be better to go back to your own player?

    2. I mean…to be perfectly fair even before he got the “Marvel Bulletproof Vest”,
      Taika Waititi was doing “Whatever, he damned well pleases.” with “What We Do In The Shadows”, both the Movie and the Streaming Show. Both feeling like, he basically went “Fuck it, we’re keeping that.” complete with a vampire turning only 95% into a cat.

      And then there’s the Online series, which…I mean…Episode 6. That is all.

    3. What’s with the jab against Wes Anderson? I’ve only seen the The Grand Budapest Hotel to judge him by, yet I still fount it a warm and uplifting film.

      1. Moviebob really had problems with Isle of Dogs citing it as culturally insensitive.

      2. I didn’t hear a jab? Cold or distant (or whatever Bob said) is just Wes Anderson’s thing.

        EDITED: Wes’s style is like growing up in a upper class family: the kids are left unattended, and the parental figures are far removed, stern and reserved, cold and distant.

        1. Ok thanks for the info

    4. Wasn’t one of the reasons Hitler hated the Jews was because one of them said his art was subpar and wouldn’t admit him to university. Is that made fun of in the film?

      1. Mr Hitler failed entrance exams to a couple of Universities in Vienna. Whether one or more of the examiners happened to be Jewish is lost to history, but Anti-Semitism was in vogue all across Europe before and after the first world war. Young Adolf had plenty of chances to be exposed to plenty of Anti-Semitism without any specific inciting event.
        On a more sad note, Hitler’s commanding officer in 1918, the one who recommended him for the Iron Cross no less, was Jewish. Talk about a lack of gratitude.

        1. I mean yes he got the Iron Cross but he was also shot in the balls and got the nickname “screamer” because of how he screamed in pain when they tried to fix the damage………..

          1. lol is this info from the same source as the whole “ball milking machines” in auschwitz?
            or the Holo-coaster one? That one’s my favourite and totally not made up by an Australian dude who was never actually there. lol

            1. Depends how much you believe the testimony of people who very much can be confirmed to have been there


          2. To be honest, screaming like a banshee after getting shrapnel in the groin doesn’t strike me as unreasonable. That sounds quite painful.

            1. yeh but didn’t stop him getting the nickname lol

      2. In general, it is best to not speculate as to what random slight Hitler received at whatever point in his life that lead to him being so racist.
        And let’s be clear, if someone does not accept your work and your response is to say that they are genetically inferior and part of a race of subhumans bent on controlling the world… you were already racist.

    5. Obsessed with tacky heroic art and action adventure stories for teenagers

      Man better not point that out to the Captain Marvel Fanclub, they’ll throw a fit about being compared in any way to the Nazi, after all they’re “On the right side of history” as they try to dox anyone critical of Captain Marvle abusing her powers to break a guys arm and steal his bike because he hurt her feelings.

      1. Wait, your beef with the character is from a deleted scene?

        1. My real beef is the insanity of the pettiness between Marvel and DC and the rather cynical reason for her being put into the MCU as Captain Marvel.

          1. The reason was fan demand same as Black Panther. cynical yes.
            But I’m not too mad at a company for listening to the fans.

            1. I suspect he is referring to the Copyright Land Grab that Marvel did to create the character in the first place, stripping Shazam of his original name in the process. Comic Copyright Conflict is full the the BRIM with that kind of petty nonsense.

            2. Yeah, but that started with DC killing the character threw litigation and poaching the rights. It was the reason there was a gap in the Copyright claim for marvel to exploit.

      2. I still don’t really understand why there is arbitrarily some pathetic tangent about Captain Marvel on this video but I shouldn’t be surprised at how ridiculous people like you on the internet are.

        It’s amazing really. Captain Marvel was this serviceable, entertaining little flick that overall did nothing truly remarkable, other than pissing off every mantrum throwing imbecile on the planet for no real reason.

        1. Because it’s funny to watch how upset people get when it’s pointed out lol.

          Funnier still when Captain Marvel is Blonde with Blue eyes.

          1. You are leaking industrial grade stupid.

            1. No that just seems to hang round these comment sections a lot even without me being near them

            2. You singlehandedly found a single line and turned it into a Godwin’s Law tangent, I’m pretty sure most commenters don’t manage that level of cooked even when they tried.

            3. No they normally just start calling people Nazi without any reasoning other than mere disagreement lol

            4. “They get to invoke Godwin’s Law, why shouldn’t I!?”

              What kinda weak ass herdshit.

            5. No it’s called turnabout is fair play.

            6. So because someone supposedly demonstrates a lack of moral integrity you have carte blanche to do the same.

              That’s a no from me dude, still weak.

            7. So because someone supposedly demonstrates a lack of moral integrity you have carte blanche to do the same.

              That’s a no from me dude, still weak.

            8. No it’s called turnabout is fair play.

    6. Ubermunch might be your greatest credit pun yet.

    7. Sounds like a good time. Now if only Disney would bring it to more than five [email protected]#king theaters.

      1. I know right i wanted to see this movie because of the bonkers premise( like seriously it sounds like something family guy would come up with as a joke) and none of my local theaters are showing it :/ guess they’re afraid of the backlash this movie might cause just by premise alone.

    8. So this is what a Kylo Ren origin movie should have been? Neat.

    9. So it’s better than Heil Honey I’m Home?

    10. If I could find where such on oddball comedy is playing, I’d go see it.
      But, Bob, what happened to your intro and outro music? And why isn’t this video on the Escapist’s own video player?

    11. I was waiting for Bob to reference his self-hate at being male. He didn’t disappoint.

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