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    The Dead Don’t Die Murders Zombie Movies, So They Can Rise Again

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    1. Did they manage to shake out this game’s bugs from their early days? It’s refreshing that its presentation is not over-the-top. I would like to try it some day, but I think unless the PS4 price comes down in its final days or it can play on a modest PC that may not be in my future.

      1. I didn’t play in the early days so I can’t compare from personal experience, but these days I haven’t encountered anything serious and also according to what I’ve read in various reviews it seems like a lot of issues has been fixed. I recommend it without a doubt. For me, it is SO worth the price. I like to compare with the price of a movie ticket. For the price of two hours of entertainment for a family, you get hundreds of hours of great entertainment. (Well, depending on the prices of cinemas where you live, obviously. ;))

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