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In an official statement, Konami explained that “the continued listing on the NYSE is not economically justified.”

What the heck is going on with Konami these days? Last month, there was the whole debacle with Hideo Kojima’s studio reportedly disbanding, earlier this week we heard that Silent Hills had been canned, and now the company has voluntarily de-listed itself from the New York Stock Exchange.

The company still maintains a presence in both the London and Tokyo Stock Exchanges, but decided to remove itself from the NYSE as “the continued listing on the NYSE is not economically justified.”

You can read Konami’s full de-listing statement here, where it goes into a bit more detail, noting specifically that the NYSE accounts for only a small fraction of the total trading volume of its shares.

Voluntary de-listing can be seen a part of an internal restructuring, and going by all the other crazy stuff going on at Konami’s video game sector these days, it wouldn’t be too much of a far cry to suggest that it was moving itself away from gaming.

In its financial report for the third quarter of 2015, digital entertainment saw a contraction of just over 5%, while its “Pachinko” – Japanese slot machine – division saw a moderate 4.2% gain year over year. Konami also operates in quite a few other industries in Japan, including chains of fitness centers.

Source: IGN via London Stock Exchange

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