Lost Ember Mooneye Studios animal adventure

Mooneye Studios has dropped Lost Ember’s release announcement trailer, revealing that the game’s magical take on a world filled with animals is now set to launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, and GOG on Nov. 22. A Nintendo Switch version is coming as well, but there is no official release set for it yet.

In the game’s ruined world, players take on the role of a wolf with the power to take control of other animals. This trailer alone showcases third-person gameplay for animals of all shapes and sizes, including a wolf, bugs, birds, and fish. Players will have to utilize these creatures to progress and reach locations not available to the wolf on its own.

While gliding through a blue river as a bass sounds fun on its own, Lost Ember offers plenty of world-building too. Humans seem to be extinct, but there are ruins and bones scattered throughout the game’s world. Mooneye Studios has mostly only given hints as to what the game’s narrative has in store, but players can expect a story of “hope, loss, ambition, and failure.”

If Lost Ember‘s looks aren’t enough of a selling point, Grand Theft Auto fans will be excited to know series music director Craig Conner and former senior sound designer at Rockstar North Will Morton are both working on the game’s soundtrack.

Mooneye Studios also promises that the game will be playable in VR on PC, with the team stating that they are “looking into” PlayStation VR as well.

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