Microsoft wants to win back PC gamers with Windows 10.

Microsoft doesn’t exactly have the best track record with its PC gaming fanbase (anyone remember Games for Windows Live?). It shunned the platform for years in favor of the Xbox, but now, it has seen the error of its ways and wants to win back its PC gamers. “We’ve lost our way on PC gaming,” said Xbox Chief Phil Spencer at GDC this year, as he asked us to give him a second chance.

“Xbox” no longer means consoles, said Spencer. It means “gaming with Microsoft.” He said that Windows 10 will consist of a big push into the PC gaming sector, and is commited to building PC exclusive titles utilizing the newly announced HoloLens.

Best of all, PC gamers can look forward to a future where they can interact with their console brethren seamlessly.

“The way forward, then, is in changing how Microsoft thinks about its customers: They’re not people who play games on Windows PCs, or tablets, or consoles. They’re customers of the Xbox Live service,” said Spencer. “That means that games can and should work across multiple devices, with the same friends list and the same high scores, and people should be able to play each other no matter what device they’re on.”

He also acknowledged that the existing Windows 8 App Store hasn’t exactly been a smash hit – even for Microsoft-developed apps – and is looking to rework it completely for Windows 10.

At this point, I think they really should rename “Game Developers Conference” to “PC Developers Conference,” considering the plethora of amazing PC gaming news coming from it. It’s a good time to be a PC gamer!

Source: Business Insider

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