McPVP, the world’s largest competitive Minecraft community, recently held a building a contest to showcase its new custom server address.

As if the Minecrafters of the world even needed an excuse to build things, the folks at McPVP, the world’s largest player-versus-player Minecraft community, recently launched, a custom server address built for players to create maps that others can visit and view. To help showcase the new server, McPVP held a building contest for QuakeCon BYOC participants, the winner of which would walk away with a spiffy Alienware 14 gaming laptop.

Contestants were invited to build maps that would then be submitted to judges. The competition would eventually produce three finalists including a recreation of the Bring-Your-Own-Computer event itself, a model of the Hilton Anatole hotel which played host to QuakeCone and a map showcasing some of id Software’s most popular games including Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake. The id showcase, created by one RobotChicken337, wound up winning, providing an arguably appropriate tribute to both Minecraft and the source material behind QuakeCon itself.

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