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You may have thought the 14-film Air Bud franchise (No, really — they made 14 of those. Look it up!) owned the entire “There’s no rule that says [animal] can’t play [sport]!” genre, but in 2013 China and Korea teamed up to prove you wrong with Mr. Go, possibly the definitive “What if a gorilla played Korean Major League Baseball?” epic of the modern era.

This is The Big Picture with Bob Chipman, talking about Mr. Go.

Bob Chipman
Bob Chipman is a critic and author.

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    1. Absolutely wonderful. I need to see this masterpiece

    2. Well now, that sure was…..a thing.

    3. Whetting our appetites for Schlocktober, I see.

      1. Yeah, I thought Bob went “F*** it! The world is shit right now, I just may start Schlocktober earlier”.

        1. And deliver 10 episodes since we get two Big Picture episodes per week.

          I feel spoiled about this, don’t you?

          1. You know? I hadn’t realize that! lol

    4. 1:57 and no one uses the looney tunes clip of “THERS NOTHING IN THE RULE BOOK THAT SAYS AN ELEPHANT CAN’T PITCH! NOW PLAY BALL!!”

      1. Now that you bring it up, I kinda wish he did.

    5. Now this is why I follow Moviebob

    6. I am seriously wondering why AMerican studios didn’t try this. Maybe it was the COke-DOught.

    7. I lived in Korea for a year and I’m disgusted with myself that I never heard of this till now.

      1. Is Baseball very big in Korea? I think most of us in the west have heard of “America’s pastime”, as well as have some idea of how popular it is in Japan, but I’ve never heard of it in Korea – although it would make some sense given the Korean war and long-term US troop commitment there.

        1. As a matter of fact, baseball and soccer are the two most popular sports in Korea. I lived near one of the stadiums but never went. I had a couple guy buddies who followed baseball regularly though. I don’t know the history of how the game came to be popular, but I do know it’s a visible part of the culture.

        2. Slight update: I just asked my Korean baseball-loving friend about this movie, and he said, “Lol that was the shittiest movie I‘ve ever watched”

    8. Huh. That was neat. I might track that down somewhere.
      Bob, that’s still not the weirdest ape-featuring movie you showcased, on here or In Bob We Trust. That would be the French movie where the married woman in an open relationship has sex with an ape.
      I’ll write that again in case you thought you read that wrong. SEX! WITH! AN! APE!
      Did I mention that the movie was French?

      1. Max Mon Amour for anyone wondering.

    9. Have to give it to them. They are aware of “hey this is a massive animal that can hurt people” only to sequel bait for a sport that’s even more based on contact and roughness. But *shrug* it is essentially Air Bud mixed with Moneyball.

    10. Having kids means I have seen all 14 of the Airbud movies and spin-offs. To be fair the “Buddies” movies are no longer dogs playing sports but instead feature dogs helping santa, fighting ghost, going to Egypt to find treasure, going to space and becoming super heroes. They are all pretty dumb

      1. I like dogs.

      2. There have been FOURTEEN of those things!?

    11. Also, I kinda feel like a sequel would actually be impossible, since I have to imagine the minute someone successfully pulls that “There’s nothing in the rulebook that says…” trick, the officials from literally every other sport would immediately sit down and specify that the players all have to be human so no one can try to pull that shit again.

      1. You’re probably right in general, but I think you can get away with it if the next sport your animal plays is American “we’re twice as likely to get a concussion as a touchdown from the kickoff” Football.

      2. You’re probably right in general, but I think you can get away with it if the next sport your animal plays is American “we’re twice as likely to get a concussion as a touchdown from the kickoff” Football.

    12. Part of me would really love to see a “There’s nothing in the rulebook that says a gorilla can’t be a linebacker” movie, but I feel like it would just be that “Man vs Car” bit from the second Interdimensional Cable episode of Rick and Morty. Fun for 15 seconds, but quickly falling apart when you the other teams realize that there’s no way to finesse around getting the shit kicked out of them by a gorilla.

      1. Except for MORE GORILLAS!

        1. Wouldn’t that just be dog fighting with different animals? At that point, all you’re left with is the boring version of Pokemon…

          1. Sometimes that’s all you need

    13. A gorilla playing baseball = pure gold

    14. Fun fact: real apes have terrible hand-eye co-ordination for anything other than locomotion or brachiation. Training a gorilla to pitch is like teaching a human to drum for Metallica by dropping the drumsticks off a third story building onto the drum set. Not that I’m complaining, there’s a pretty big difference between “plot hole” and “artistic license” and Mr. Go is definitely the latter

      1. I wanna reiterate this because I think it’s really cool: Humans are the only species on the planet that can throw stuff. Like, chimps and other apes can grab stuff and chuck it in vaguely the general direction of where they want it to go, and there’s stuff like acid-spewing insects and that one lizard that shoots blood from its eyes, but humans are the only creatures on the planet that can grab any random object (that’s not too heavy to heft) and throw it with any kind of accuracy and power. It’s our lesser-known “animal super power”.

        1. Tool Use Specialization. Pretty sure TierZoo over on YouTube made at least a *passing* reference to this. 😛

    15. Naysayers: RAR! MovieBob is a shill to Marvel! Too many MCU-related episodes!

      Bob: OK, how ’bout a Korean movie about a baseball-playing gorilla?

      Me: https://media0.giphy.com/media/dykJfX4dbM0Vy/giphy.gif

    16. They used that Dire Straits song in another movie about a baseball-player primate, Ed; starring Joey from Friends

    17. Okay, time to find a dub of this and add it to my library.

    18. My personal favorite of the oevre will always be Gus, the 1976 gem about a Yugoslavian mule that kicks field goals.

      It’s Air Bud, but with a biting take on US immigration reform.

    19. There are few things more interesting than seeing an Eastern producer try their spin on a Western trope.

    20. I feel like this is the kinda movie my 4 year old nephew and I would sit down and enjoy on the same goofy level. Just a shame it isn’t on Netlfix or something…

      1. It’s on Amazon Prime

        1. Good to know! Thanks! 🙂

    21. I looked this up and it’s on Amazon prime

    22. You HAD to ask about that film, didn’tcha?!

      Yeah, I was curious but I kept it to myself. Now I can’t un-see this…

      1. Same. But I don’t actually *want* to. Also, while I was keeping my curiosity to myself, I deduced that enough people would be flummoxed and bewildered enough that basically precisely this video would be created.

    23. I bet the sequel tease, if made in the U.S., would be relatively successful. Maybe not record-breaking or anything, but a solid profit.

    24. playing football with a gorilla that couldn’t possibly go wrong

    25. “Walk of Life” + “Sports movie trailer Song #5” + clips of this rendition = LOL

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