The newest trailer for Volition’s Agents of Mayhem introduces a new team of agents – The Bombshells.

Agents of Mayhem is less than two months from release, and Volition is showing off a brand-new team of agents in a new trailer. The Bombshells, made up of Joule, Rama, and Red Card, are the “most volatile” members of MAYHEM.

As you can see, Joule is a runway model turned engineer with turrets to show for it, Rama is part scientist, part sniper with a badass bow, and Red Card (the only guy in the squad) is described as a “football-obsessed psychopath” who’d rather punch things than shoot them. This team is called in when “circumstances are most dire.”

Agents of Mayhem is releasing on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on August 15. Pre-ordering the game at GameStop gets you Saints Row‘s Johnny Gat as a bonus. Want to know more? Check out our Agents of Mayhem preview from E3 2016.

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