NES Remix is available today and features tweaked versions of NES classics.

In case you hadn’t heard, Nintendo delivered a slew of new announcements today via one of its Nintendo Direct streaming events. The news included bits and pieces about Mario Kart 8, the next Super Smash Brothers and even a Dynasty Warriors-styled Zelda game. Also among the revealed content was a new game tailored toward old school Nintendo fans: NES Remix.

Remix will take classic Nintendo games (sixteen total) and tweak their mechanics to fashion new challenges for players to overcome. Remix will come packaged with two different play modes. The first will be the experimental Remix mode which will take the included games and play with their mechanics to give players interesting obstacles to overcome and unique goals to pursue. The second will be more straightforward NES stages that will be different from the originals that players know and love but still more familiar than the content in Remix mode.

Nintendo fans interested in taking NES Remix for a spin won’t have to wait to play it either. The company confirmed that the game is already available in the Wii U eShop, costing £8.99/$9.99 in Europe and $14.99 in North America. Honestly, I’d kind of prefer this on the 3DS. It just seems like it would be a better fit there. That said, it certainly looks like an interesting experience for gamers who invested in Wii U’s and we’ll be excited to here if it’s worth the price of admission.

Source: Nintendo Life

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