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    1. I’ve never cared all that much about professional competitive gaming, but everything I’ve ever seen about McLean makes me love the guy. He’s just so open and earnest, seems like a genuinely nice guy, and has never been shy about just being himself. He’s out there living his best life and we should all strive to be a little more like him.

    2. I remember that… Probably one of the few memorable things that happened during this year’s Game Awards (Joker in Smash Bros. being another one).

    3. There’s always that one moment every Game Advertisements that lets you know we’ve still got at least a couple years before video games need to be taken out behind the shed and put down.

    4. Gaming is in a weird moment where it’s going through its awkward puberty right around the time a lot of its creators are going through their midlife crises. And then we have the whole push and pull between the design part of gaming that’s about that wild, bold aesthetic and the tech porn part of gaming that demands a bunch of numbers nobody but hardware fetishists care about. As such, it’s led to a lot of identity crises as gaming sorts itself out as a medium

    5. That “offbeat, goofy unpredictable” spirit of gaming is alive and well on the PC, where stuff like ROCKET LEAGUE, KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM, and BEAT SABER is currently rubbing shoulders on the top-selling list with all the AAA franchises like Assassins’ Creed or GTA. What you see elsewhere is what happens when somebody has to sell $500 consoles that play a few (but not all!) $60 games in order to flog consumers for every last microtransaction possible.

    6. As for Bob’s comment. The reason the gaming scene is so watered down, so sterile, and trying to burn its weird-ass past out of existence is … well, Bob people like you and those you pony up too at any given opportunity.

    7. That was an incredibly awkward moment – he had to brought politics and social commentary at an award where they were completely unwarranted. Virtue-signaling at its best (worst).

    8. Thanks Bob! I wouldn’t have even thought of this award as being a good thing (barely heard of it) but I completely agree.

    9. I find it amusing how much effort the game industry put into an award show that I only found out even happened because of Joker in Smash…

    10. I love Sonic Fox – he’s the son I never knew I had!!! 🦊

    11. Another one knocked out of the park. So glad you’re back Bob. And so glad for SonicFox.

    12. I am unable to get escapist videos to play. :/

    13. I mean, I find award shows in general kind of unbearable, but The Game Awards in particular feel really icky to me.

    14. Only good thing that comes out of Shueshia shutting down the FighterZ professional fighting community is that this guy is no longer that relevant. He seemed arrogant as heck, and to win the tournament had to take advantage of his opponent sportsmanship (Go1 should have won it)

    15. SonicFox is OD. What a treasure of a human for the FGC and videogames.

    16. That guy made me tear a little bit. Fantastic wholesome clip.

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