If next year’s resolution is to learn how to code games, apps, and sites, don’t wait until January 1st to get going. We’ve got 10 great developer courses on Escapist Deals, and you can pay what you want for them right now.

Just looking to brush up on HTML5 and Java? Pay below the average price and you’ll still get two courses on both languages, including training on creating a Flappy Bird clone. Ready to dive into all aspects of development? Beat the average price to get all 10 courses valued at $1,110, including training in coding games for the Apple TV, mastering game logic and game mechanics, designing game levels, training in monetizing your games, and more.

You’ll come away with a portfolio full of Apple TV games, online multiplayer games, web apps, and more. Plus, you’ll have everything you need to turn your new skills into a career or a lucrative side hobby.

Pay below the average price to get training in HTML5 and Java, or beat the average price to get all 10 courses valued at $1,110 – they’re all at Escapist Deals.

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