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Ten years after the last time he promised us he was finished with the character, Sylvester Stallone revives his Vietnam-era antihero John J. Rambo for another “No, really — I mean it this time!” final battle in Rambo: Last Blood. This time, he’s against Mexican human traffickers who’ve kidnapped his niece in a gruesome yet tedious border war misfire that feels more like a mash-up of Taken and Home Alone than a Rambo send-off.

This is Escape to the Movies with Bob Chipman, talking about Rambo: Last Blood.

Bob Chipman
Bob Chipman is a critic and author.

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    1. So wait for the ending to be posted on YouTube. Got it.

      1. That’s what I was going say. Seems like if that’s the only part of the movie worth seeing, then I will just watch that.

    2. Stallone tried to do his version of Unforgiven but forgot to bring an actually decent script or gravitas to the proceedings

    3. Wait, Paz Vega is on this one? And she is in a guest role capacity?

      I didn’t know she was still pursuing a Hollywood career. She seemed to have failed to reach the same heights as fellow Spaniard actors Antonio Banderas, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz did.

      Anyway, sorry about that. I used to have a celebrity crush on her when she appeared on Spanish TV in the late 90s. Not only was she gorgeous, she has the cutest Sevillian accent (southern Spain)!

    4. Yeah, this really wasn’t very good. The dialogue was unnatural and hammy at times, often poorly delivered. Stallone was pretty bored sounding through most of it, and even his intense Rambo-like dialogue felt forced. You could easily forget this is a Rambo movie. Take out that surname and it’s just an old guy called John who suddenly morphs into an even more psychotic Kevin McAllister to set up violent death traps in the last 15 minutes. The ending has a few fun kills, that’s it. The rest is weirdly mean spirited and kind of lame in execution. It’s a straight to home video rip-off that somehow managed to snag the licence at the last minute and jammed in the Rambo name and a few music cues.

    5. Wow finally a short to the point review that doesn’t give away the plot of the film do this more!
      A review only needs the 5 lines you gave this one and not the overlong video you usually do save those for the far more interesting Big Picture episodes.

    6. Bob, you’re amazing. I come back week after week for excellent reviews, amazing insight and some pretty decent laughs, and you always deliver. But holy hell man, that jacket. What on earth is up with that jacket? Still love your videos, keep it up lol

      1. Agreed. Oscar for criticism, Razzie for costume design.

    7. I thought most of the sex trafficking was bringing people INTO the US, not US citizens being kidnapped. Is this another one of those “Mexicans are all killers and rapists” xenophobic slander?

      1. Yes.

      2. They don’t enter the US to kidnap woman no but If you go to many parts of Latin America you face the risk of kidnapping usually for ransom though them choosing to rape a female victim is common since the best they offer on return is alive not unharmed.
        Mexico’s murder rate is over double that in the USA mostly because of drug gangs.

      3. No its one of those sex-traffickers-and-cartels-couldnt-care-less-about-borders types of crime. Stallone is the only non-Latino in the film.

    8. It’s sad that I agree with 100% of this review. I didn’t think it was possible for me to dislike a Rambo movie, but it turns out it is possible when said Rambo movie isn’t anything like a Rambo movie almost whatsoever.

    9. I really really enjoyed the Rocky balboa movie from ten years ago, it was the best rocky movie since the first two. Creed has also been awesome. I was a kid but do remember when First blood movie came out on HBO in the early 80’s – wow it was really great. And the other rambo movies just have gotten worse one after the other. That last rambo movie a few years ago was trash, and I had really hope that in a time of our longest wasteful war, better understanding of PTSD- we would have a movie as good as the first one nearly 4 decades ago. But instead we are getting one even worse, sad.

    10. Next one will be Rambo fighting his way out of a retirement home for elderly.

      1. I will say passing on the mantle unwillingly to an Iraqi War Veteran. Either Storm or Freedom depending on the mood. Freedom is more poignant because we saw the attempts at democracy fall to shambles and living with a press that slams you for fighting in iraq and watching something worse prop up would be a good successor story

    11. It’s weird we’re somehow back to the 1980s in the UK with some people on about how awful and harmful the newest Rambo film is. Such a weird repeat of time loop e seem to be caught in

    12. I wonder how many of those 6 points off where given because “oh no, Rambo was killing people of color! For shame, it’s only okay to kill white people and cops!”

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