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    1. The charity stream was pretty awesome, but I take strong issue with the notion that it somehow “redeemed” the ideal of video games as an engine for positive change, as if games ever stopped being a positive force for change. Which they did not. TotalBiscuit did a Hearthstone tournament a few years ago where the winner would get a thousand dollars or so pledged to a charity of their choice(TB’s was Charity Water).

      I really wish Bob would stop acting like the gaming is almost 100% toxic and negative when it is most definitely not, even when he’s doing a positive video about video games it seems Bob cannot help but somehow slag off games as a whole, well you know what? It’s getting really fucking old.

      1. TB has been unpersoned by the progressives™ types and exists to them only in the memoryhole. thus nothing he ever did happened according to the progressive ™ history books

    2. I followed a significant portion of the stream and for the most part of it I was expecting the chat to descend to a Lord of the Flies level of harassment and harmful trolling. But it… never did. For the whole 60h it was all respectful interaction. That was one of the things that most gladly surprised me

    3. I wonder how much of the initial attention (pre-AOC, pre-international news) had to do with burgeoning BreadTube people like Wynn, Ellis, and Oliver Thorne appearing on the stream towards the beginning. I believe the Chapo hosts showed up as well, although it was already well underway. Regardless, it’s cool as hell.

    4. god the eyes on that DK toy though jesus I couldn’t stop staring at it

    5. Thanks for this. I’m going to throw some cash their way. You should look into the Extra Life charity too. It’s positive gamer culture too.

    6. Why do videos always load muted on this website and cannot be interacted with for a minute?

    7. And now for the Milkshakeduck moment:

      Hbomberguy was previously in the internet as “Slazanger RapeMachine” and part of the known doxing group Metokur.

      The charity in the Stream seems like an unfortunate choice considering (how valid or not) the claims round it including their involvement in a custody battle that saw them help a woman try to turn her Son into a girl and claim the father was committing child abuse by not forcing the boy to live as a girl while with him but allowing the boy to choose. Oh and that incident of them trying to hire a dodgy doctor who would prescribe Hormones day one without doing a full psych evaluation to actually determine if it was Gender Dysphoria or merely Gender non conforming. (important difference between the two). Even if those claims are off base surely there was a different charity people could have picked that did the same job?

      All of this charity effort though was to use I phrase I saw thrown round a lot “Weaponised charity” done almost just to spite Linehan (which as funny as it is to see happen to him doesn’t take away from the claim).

      Funnier still there have been plenty of Charity streams in the past which didn’t get this kind of attention which is unfortunate because the people involved were deemed “Bad guys” merely for not falling in line with the present progressive™ orthodoxy. Things like PewDiePie turning his rivalry with T-series into pushing to help people in india or John Bain doing a charity stream to help TJKirk (the Amazing Atheist) raise money to give to charities helping end domestic abuse of women in 3rd world countries.

    8. The civil part of gaming has always been there. People like Hbomb, Dan Olsen, Simply Ragny and Kim Justice have been making content and streaming on Twitch for years. The kinder heart is out there if you go looking, but much like with most news on anything you’ll only ever really hear about the negative side of anything.

      1. Lol if you think Dan Olsen is civil you’re in for one hell of a shock. Take it from some-one who started in the Your reviews section of TGWTG around the same time Dan first popped up……. there’s darkness there.

    9. Not looking forward to the backlash, but learning to stomach it.

    10. Nintendo and Trans Rights. Two things very close to my heart. One by nurture and one by birth.

    11. This stream was frickin amazing and the most positive thing to happen on a large scale for what feels like a really long time. Certainly it feels like a momentous landmark for the trans community.

    12. I won’t say the gaming community is irredeemable, but it has a LOOOONG way to go until it fully matures. This is a really big positive step.

      Though, I believe the community will mature faster than the industry.

      1. I think it’s hypocritical for people to say that only gaming culture is “immature” and not say the same about say film, TV, music and comic book culture.

        Jim Sterling did a great article awhile ago that single-handedly destroyed that “gaming culture” bullshit that still holds true today:–57553.phtml

    13. The biggest bit of schadenfreude I’ve gotten from the stream was seeing Graham Linehan having a week-long Twitter fit about how not owned he is about it, while also being very obnoxiously transphobic along the way; and seeing his already-declining follow-base dwindle even further as a result:

    14. *coughs* Desert Bus. *coughs*

      But, yeah, H.Bomberguy definitely did an excellent job with this particular rally. I wonder if it could become a yearly thing as well.

      1. Yeah i’m amazed Bob hasn’t heard of more livestream charities, they are more common then he makes them sound.

    15. Thank you, Bob.

    16. Trans rights are human rights.
      Of course they are.
      Anyone who says otherwise is stupid and should be ignored if possible, and made harmless and THEN ignored if not

      1. It’s a relatively new concept for the mainstream to digest, though, and therefore easy to dismiss, ridicule, and turn into a wedge issue. Something that I struggle with in my own circles is trying to discourage people who are desperate and/or insecure about this issue from letting their frustration turn into vindictiveness or self-righteousness. It’s hard not to take the bait when community groups are flooded with hysterical memes about “radical leftist trying to eliminate gender”, but the best thing they can do is to be open, patient, and clear about their situation…

    17. Haha AOC is on FIRE lately. She’s awesome. I expect a lot of big things from her down the road. ♥

    18. I was asking to myself. How did i end watching videos and subscribing to the sorts of hbomber, Lindsay ellis, Folding ideas, contrapoints, Jim sterlin. This video gave me an answer, must be Bob.
      I didn’t know you were all connected!
      I like how Rimero, one of the creators of Doom is into this.

      1. Jim’s videos used to be on the Escapist until 2014 when he went independent.

    19. Yeah, definitely a shining moment for gaming in a sea of sewage. And fuck Linehan, the over-the-hill bigot

      1. I’ve drifted in and out of this whole thing with Linehan, and from what I’ve read of his views, his concern is that the trans rights movement is being co-opted by misogynistic men who use it as a shield to encroach on safe-spaces and rights for women.

        I’m not educated enough on the situation to know if his concerns are warranted, but I don’t think he’s a bigot. By all means, explain why he’s wrong, but don’t throw bigot around willy-nilly, as it shuts down the opportunity to be educational.

        1. He’s full of shit

        2. The man’s fucking insane. He thinks bisexuals are appropriating gay culture. He thinks Mermaids is a front for gay conversion therapy. He thinks trans positive women are gender traitors.

      2. I think gaming is mostly pretty good and not “toxic” like Bob makes it out to be, i’m tired of gaming always getting singled-out for toxic behavior when there’s plenty of behavior in film, TV, music and comic book culture as well, yet they don’t get anywhere near as much hand-wringing as gaming does. I wonder if that’s because of a fear of new media, as gaming is newer then all of those, and Bob mostly being a film critic does make it seem like he is inherently biased against games.

    20. God, why is the “Peanuts adult speak” voice is so fucking loud compared to everything else. I legitimately jumped in my seat when it came out of nowhere.

    21. Aw. That’s nice : )

    22. I’d given to Mermaids a few weeks prior to the stream for much the same reason; to spite Linehan.

      Though honestly, it wasn’t a huge blow for me; it’s not that I disliked The IT Crowd, I just never actually saw most of it and am really only familiar with the scenes that went memetic. That’s a good thing though, I think I’m starting to suffer from disappointment burn-out when it comes to creators/entertainers I like being outed as bigots, predators, or both.

      1. Let’s be honest, if we stopped consuming products made by every single person who ever did anything remotely bad(or were friends with people who did bad things) we wouldn’t have a lot of stuff left to consume. So I learned long ago to separate the art from the artist, does it suck that Bryan Singer is a predator? Yeah, but that’s not going to diminish my enjoyment of the Usual Suspects and the X-Men films. Is it hard to reckon with R Kelly being an abuser, yeah but I still like the guy’s music even if I do hope he has to answer for his crimes someday.

        So if people still want to watch Father Ted and IT Crowd, I won’t get on them about it.

        Thankfully I had no clue who Graham was(don’t really watch a lot of British TV shows) before now so I didn’t get the feeling of wounded betrayal like a lot of others did.

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