Rumor has it that the planned single-player DLC for Mass Effect: Andromeda has been canceled for good.

Yesterday, a Facebook post made the rounds claiming that Bioware had cancelled Mass Effect: Andromeda’s planned DLC. While that Facebook post turned out to be a hoax, sources are telling Kotaku the gist of the post was correct: Mass Effect: Andromeda will not be getting any single-player DLC.

This would be the first game in the series not to receive any single-player content post-launch. Some were good, like Lair of the Shadow Broker, and some were not so good, like Mass Effect 3‘s Citadel. Apparently the disappointing reviews and numerous problems the game has had have resulted in Bioware cutting some planned additions.

There were rumors back in May that the series had been put on indefinite hold and Bioware employees transferred to new projects.

Today Kotaku says that it has confirmed with three separate sources that the news of cancelled single-player DLC is accurate. Bioware has still not commented on the issue, but we’ve reached out for comment.

If this news pans out, it will be a big disappointment for fans of the series. Of course, Bioware could still change its mind or make new plans. After all, the only constant in this industry is change.

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