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October means Halloween and Halloween means Schlocktober on The Big Picture. Every Thursday this month host Bob Chipman digs up spooky, silly, or just plain weird creature features to blow your mind.

This week take everything you know about evolution, prehistory, paleontology, and proper spelling and smack it in the face with a power shovel with 1960’s infamously goofy unfrozen fossil romp Dinosaurus!

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Bob Chipman
Bob Chipman is a critic and author.

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    1. “Not the momma!”

    2. I’m not sure who or what Bob is referring to with that guy and bringing up the movie “Schlock”.

      1. Max Landis was a big screen writer for a lot of years who was also a sex pest who got me too’d.

        1. That still shouldn’t taint John Landis’ cinematic legacy.

        2. John Landis ALSO Got several kids literally killed while filming the twilight zone movie, and yet was still allowed to work in Hollywood after that.

          1. Wait. Are we talking about Max Landis or John Landis here? I realize they’re father and son, but why show a picture of Max, when you’re referring to John? And, is Bob saying that if your son is a “sex pest” that it tarnishes the father’s legacy?

            1. In general people in Hollywood tend to be terrible parents or at least extremely negligent. Because you have to spend more time on the studio lot than raising your kid.

    3. “…It’s gonna get weirder.”

      Bob, if there wasn’t at least one weird AF entry in Schlocktober, I would be deeply concerned.

      Dinosaurus! looks like something the Netflix era MST3K would cover. Or Rifftrax, assuming Netflix has canceled MST3K like the majority of its shows these days.

      1. “Hello, this is Netflix, you’re cancelled. Who am I speaking to?”

      2. I should hope it looks like that on account of Rifftrax did it.

    4. I’m guessing you have these all planned out already, but I’d love to see you cover Cube one of these years.

    5. “No caveman, it’s not right to kill!”

      Inject this straight into my veins thx

    6. I rember this movie from when I was a kid. Its been lost to the fog of time but seeing these clips made me remember !

    7. Irishman here. Thanks for pointing out the racist Irish caricature Bob, that was pretty cringe-inducing, yikes.

    8. 2:16 wait so is the scene from the Simpsons episode Das Bus, where Bart swims to the bottom of the ocean to get a hold of a ice cooler a reference to this?

    9. Its Shlocktober!
      Lets do a Dinosaur movie.

    10. Good to have you back, Bob.

    11. From 2:47-2:54. I’m not positive, but I don’t think the footage is supposed to be missing here.

    12. Did you get John Landis confused with Max Landis?

      1. Max Landis is his son and he was specifically pointing out the tarnishing on the legacy of the family name.

      2. Plus John of course has the Twilight Zone movie controversy himself

    13. Is it wrong that i’d probably root for the villain if I watched this?

    14. Nostalg- I mean, Schlocktober begins! I guess we’ll have to wait on your take on modern propaganda used outside the US another time.
      And Bob, speaking of dinosaurs, if you didn’t do it before, please cover 1 Million Years B.C.! I mean, Raquel Welch in an animal-pelt bikini. ROWR!

      1. He doesn’t cover that particular one, but he references it and talks about one of its “sequels,” “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth,” which you can see in his newly-released “Schlocktober Classic – Season 5” collection on his Youtube channel!

    15. Maybe MST3K can do this for their next season?

      1. They’d be late to the party. Rifftrax did it. That’s where I first saw it.

    16. I could go for a full month of dinosaur flicks. Come on Carnosaur.

    17. who did the stop motion effects? I was wondering about that and was shocked you didn’t bring it up.

    18. Pointless additional trivia: they shot the dinosaur footage for the Twilight Zone episode where a commercial flight travels back in time on this set using the stop motion dinosaurs and models for this movie

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