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Nearly a decade before Schlocktober (or The Big Picture!) existed, in the dark days when MST3K was winding down and DVD was only just beginning, the prehistoric age of Internet Bad Movie Fandom fell in love with a low-budget horror comedy, turning “that one with the killer snowman” into a cult classic and Jack Frost himself into the last original horror icon of the straight-to-video era… and yes, we said killer snowman.

This is The Big Picture Schlocktober with Bob Chipman, talking about Jack Frost.


Bob Chipman
Bob Chipman is a critic and author.

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    1. O_O

      Yup. We’re smack dab in the middle of What The F*** Country.

      1. And would you look at the time, it’s What the Fuck o’clock.


    2. If you want people to vote blue next year you could threaten to have them sit and watch this comedy for hours on end. That’d probably do it.

    3. One of the few Schlocktober entries i’d heard of before the episode I remember watching Phelous review this and it’s sequel

    4. Loved the appearance of Jack…I only saw the one where Michael Keaton turns into a snowman.

    5. So The Escapist is going the way of Channel Awesome with its cross-promoting cross-overs?

    6. Man, that first part with Jack’s rambling was just… awkward.

      1. Does he come off stoned or is that just me?

    7. I am almost 100% cetain that any time a scientist in a movie says “To ensure the survival of our race” they’ve probably taken science further than it needed to. never mind the modern conotations that have been packaged with that phrase now..

    8. Oh man, the mix up between this and Keaton’s sounds like a hilarity, I wish would happen more often.

      1. I heard of someone who in ‘05/06 tried to rent the Crash about racism but ended up with the Cronenberg one.

      2. There was a cheap period accurate adaptation of War of the Worlds that came out in 2005, same year as the big budget Tom Cruse version. Someone (I think it might have been Blockbuster) apparently ordered thousands of copies of the wrong version inspiring the studio behind them to change their business model to make movies with similar titles to whatever is out there.

        Today, they’re the studio behind Atlantic Rim, Transmorphers, Snakes on a Train and other Mockbusters.

    9. Anyone else immediately thought of that weird, creepy Michael Keaton movie when they saw this?

      Edit: Nevermind, Jack Packard already brought that up.

    10. I saw the Rifftrax of this movie.It was great.

    11. HEY! Chris O’Donnel is pretty good on NCIS: Los Angeles! ….wait, what were we talking about?
      Oh yeah Jack Frost. I’ve never seen this movie, but I do kinda get nostalgic for the days of Blockbuster Video.

    12. Wow, a Schlocktober episode on a movie I’ve actually heard of… That’s a rarity for me. Still feel like I learned something, though. And nice shout-out to the Weeping Angels. Those things are creepy af… They’re even creepy on audio, if you listen to a lot of Big Finish’s “Doctor Who” audios. In fact, they’ve got a Tom Baker story with them coming soon that I’m eagerly looking forward to hearing… 😀

      1. And then Doctor Who brought in actual killer Snowmen, in a Christmas episode with the 11th Doctor that also re-introduced a classic Who-villain from WAY back, The Great Intelligence.

        1. Yeah, I almost forgot about those. Although, I honestly found the Whispermen a bit creepier to some extent. But props to Steven Moffat for re-introducing such an obscure Who villain to a modern audience. Especially fitting since the Great Intelligence debuted during the Patrick Troughton era, and Troughton was Matt Smith’s inspiration for a lot of his Doctor’s mannerisms as well as the bow tie.

          1. And having him yell “Winter is COMING!” in the midst of Thrones mania, just brilliant!

    13. He was killed…by an avalanche? That’s horrible irony.

      1. Jack found a way after all.

    14. Hey @escapist, I don’t know if this is me or not, but I can’t actually see the vid? is there some setting with java or flash I need to update?

      1. What browser are you on?

        1. Chrome

    15. Alright, fairplay with the Jack cross-promotion, I would never have known about it otherwise.

    16. Why are Jacks always mad

    17. When it was all over the news that “Mad Men actor dies in avalanche”,
      everyone expected John Hamm or Elisabeth Moss. But Christopher Allport? https://media1.giphy.com/media/tKLq9YGlFGPxm/giphy.gif

    18. Is nobody else gonna talk about how the kid put anti-freeze in his father’s breakfast?

      1. I mean… it does make things taste sweet.

    19. Really thank you, Bob. You refill my terrible horror movie coffers every October. I’m still reeling from seeing Tokyo Gore Police. Like, WOW

    20. Really, Bob? Did you absolutely HAVE to show the graphic rape scene? Without so much as a warning? Like I get the movies covered in here are Schlocky trash but the least you could do is have the decency to, instead of that frankly kinda cringy and awkward cross-promotion, maybe put in a warning? Like, “hey, just so you know, this movie depicts a graphic rape scene and I’m gonna show you the scene eventually like a tasteless jackass so if you have any sort of triggers or anything regarding rape you might as well not watch this or skip over it?”

      For fucks sake man, even Dead Meat’s Kill Count series, a series specifically dedicated to counting graphic death scenes in horror movies, had the decency to not show the rape scene.

      1. Please tell me you’re joking. Graphic rape scene…do you know what words mean? The rape scene in The Accused, THAT’S a graphic rape scene. This was shlocky implication, at worst.

    21. Anti-freeze isn’t his real kryptonite, the sequel tells us it’s something a bit more unconventional. Something more yellow and curved.

    22. Y’know, the origin of Jack Frost is sorta similar to Swamp Things. Can we possibly get a crossover?

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