Shenmue III Kickstarter Backers Allegedly Not Eligible for Certain Content

Shenmue III Kickstarter backers will allegedly not be eligible to receive certain exclusive content.

In a comment on one of Shenmue III‘s Kickstarter blog posts, backer Antonio Miranda shared an email he claims to have received from developer Ys Net regarding exclusive content from various versions of the game. According to the message, Kickstarter backers will not receive any pre-order bonus content or retailer-exclusive content from either the standard or deluxe editions of the game. They will also not receive a season pass for content added to the game down the line.

The message claims that content from these versions, including the season pass, can be purchased by backers. It further clarifies that the versions of the game being made available to Kickstarter backers and supporters of the follow-up “Slacker Backer” campaign have their own exclusive content that will not be available in the retail release.

In fairness, none of Shenmue III‘s pledge tiers offered season passes or pre-order content, so technically no promises have been broken. Plus, the vast majority of the game’s 69,320 backers — just under 50,000 — pledged $60 or less, just enough to net themselves a standard physical or digital copy of the game, without any deluxe edition bells and whistles.

Still, there is a lot of bad will around Shenmue III right now. As it stands, the news comes shortly after the already substantial backlash Ys Net and publisher Deep Silver have faced over the decision to make the game a one-year Epic Games Store exclusive, so the team can’t really afford another PR disaster.

The Escapist has reached out to Ys Net for confirmation and comment. We’ll update this story if we hear back.

Shenmue III comes out Nov. 19 for PlayStation 4 and PC. When the Escapist’s Yahtzee Croshaw played it at E3, he was mildly impressed.

Patrick Lee
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    1. this is ironic they literally funded their game before anyone else and they are not getting pre order content . some greed

      1. I’m a backer, and my concern is how much content they plan on putting in this season pass. As someone that helped make it a reality, it is a little of a downer to see that we’re not that important.

        The Epic Games exclusivity doesn’t really bother me too much,

        1. I find it confusing that they’d make this decision in the first place. Seems like it would have just been positive PR for them to give those bonuses to backers…

          1. Ikr? No skin off their back if they just gave a download code for the additional content to backers, unless they see those backers as potentially more money.

    2. So, I don’t get what I was never ever promised, but I do get what I always was. This is literally a non-story. Gaming “journalism” suffers from Shenmue Derangement Syndrome. Good grief.

      1. Pssst, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: if anyone is interested in hearing about something, then it’s worth reporting on. That’s what “news” is, ya dingus, and it includes further developments in ongoing stories.

        1. Psst, I’m going to let let you in on another little secret, you non-cynical well-meaning lovely human being: the “news” is a business for people without strong, well-articulated principles, and revenue is generated above all by controversy, real or fake — to wit, a negative bias, particularly against hopeful minorities, like Shenmue fans whose passion made their dream come true after 20 years.

          1. This is the most polite dissenting response I’ve received on the internet in some time. I appreciate that.

          2. Fake news! Bigly SAD!

    3. Wow first forced to go to epic store now this . Terrible company. Wont be supirting them in any way. Just like ea. Fancy conning and lyeing to the people that paid for the game. I can see future games on kickstarter effected but thos bs.

    4. Did it say 50,000 is more than 69,320?

      1. No, it said that 50k paid around $60, which is the vast majority of 69,320

        1. Oh shit, idk why I was reading that wrong. >.<

    5. Wow first forced to go to epic store now this . Terrible company. Wont be supirting them in any way. Just like ea. Fancy conning and lyeing to the people that paid for the game. I can see future games on kickstarter effected but thos bs.

    6. Everyone who funded this scam with not one but 2 big corporations having their hands in it(Sega and Sony) deserves everything bad that came with this kickstarter.
      It was an insult to have shown this crowdfunding on E3 stage and so is that this is crowdfunded in the first place. There should have been massive backlash against all parties involved.

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