Like all undead residents of Skyrim, the Draugr take their physical fitness very seriously. That’s why every crypt has an ample supply of fresh fruit and veg, as well as the usual allotment of goblets and giant urns.

Skyrim’s level scaling is far more elegant than Oblivion’s – you rarely come across bandits in absurd gem-encrusted plate armour, for example. It is still possible to level yourself into a corner by increasing non-combat related skills, though. With my first character I invested heavily in speech, smithing and alchemy. He was essentially a traveling jewellery salesman with a sideline in knock-off miracle cures. Unfortunately, it turns out Draugr Deathlords are neither fond of jewellery, nor open to debate when it comes to stabbing people in the kidneys.

My second character is a warrior, he doesn’t speak much.

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