Well, that’s one way to convince your customers that your product is genuinely “waterproof”.

We’ve all been burned by “waterproof” products in the past, that turned out to be about as resistant to water as they are to lava, so, when Sony decided to market its new waterproof MP3 player in New Zealand, it needed a way to prove to its customers that it was genuinely, actually waterproof. Cue “The Bottled Walkman,” a collaboration between Sony and ad agency DraftFCB to sell the new NWZ-W270 Walkman immersed inside bottles of water.

While the device first hit American stores in January, 2013, for its New Zealand debut it will be available not from electronics shops, but from vending machines, in gyms and other places. It does, after all, come with a free bottle of water. You can check out the official ad that is running in New Zealand in the video above.

The NWZ-W270 is specifically designed to be an exercise companion, able to accompany you anywhere in the gym – even into the pool! It has 4GB of inbuilt storage and features inbuilt headphones for ease of use and an unobtrusive fit. It boasts eight hours of battery life, and for those of you who often forget to charge before going out, a three minute charge will apparently give it an hour of life.

It’s certainly a very novel way to advertise a waterproof product, and this product certainly has a market for swimmers and snowsports enthusiasts alike.

Source: The Next Web

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