SPAZ is back from the dead, and this time it’s got a cargo bay’s worth of flashy new upgrades.

The accurately-titled Space Pirates and Zombies was something of an indie hit when it launched in 2011, with fast-paced top-down action and a huge randomly-generated galaxy. It was an impressive debut from a new two-man development team, and its success allowed them to start working on a follow-up. SPAZ 2 brings back the random galaxy and combat-salvaging gameplay of the original, but you might not recognize it at first – the duo at Minmax Games have definitely been busy.

The sequel, at first glance, looks completely different from its predecessor. Gone are the simple 2D graphics, replaced with a beautiful new engine. Combat still plays out like a two-dimensional physics-based space fighter, though the context is just a little different: the galaxy is in shambles after the first game’s events, and you’ll be competing with hundreds of AI factions to claim what’s left. These AI fleets will be forming alliances, taking territory, waging wars, and scavenging for resources just like the player is, resulting in a unique galactic landscape each time you play. You can try to conquer the galaxy on your own, or in local split-screen coop.

You’ll be able to put together a fleet and claim territory for yourself, but the moment-to-moment gameplay consists of ship battles that the developers compare to “huge pirate ships battling on an ocean,” with emphasis on smart tactics. Destroying your enemies isn’t the only benefit to fighting, as you’ll be able to dynamically salvage any components that you can find in the wreckage and bolt them onto your own ship on the fly.

The team has been working on SPAZ 2 for over a year, but it’s still pre-alpha with no release date in sight. Keep sensors active, though – this’ll be one to watch out for.

Source: Minmax Games

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