Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is poised to offer a new race, new dungeons, and more.

Square Enix held the Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest today in Las Vegas, during which game director Naoki Yoshida took the stage for his keynote and dropped a major bomb on the MMO’s massive fanbase.

Final Fantasy XIV will be seeing the release of Heavensward, the very first expansion pack for the game since its debut last year for PlayStation 3 and PC. The expansion is set for a spring 2015 launch, and will bring it a plethora of new content, all of which will be included as the 3.09 update to the game.

Yoshida announced that the level cap will raise to 60 and the update will introduce new high end raids, jobs, Primals, and dungeons. Additionally, a new, unspecified race will be introduced, though it won’t be the Viangaa, as rumors and popular belief indicated.

The expansion is set to tell the tale of a conflict that’s raged on for a thousand years between Ishgard and Dravania that players will be tasked with drawing to a close, with large expanses opening up for exploration via airships and more.

Unfortunately, these were all the details shared during the keynote speech, but Final Fantasy XIV’s hardcore masses can look forward to additional information about the upcoming expansion pack during the London Fan Festival on October 25.

In the meantime, a trailer was released to sate our hunger for the upcoming additional content, so check that out and see if you can spot any cool additional content that might be on the horizon.

Source: GameSpot

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