New update adds Kell Dragon gear, guild updates, and twelve bosses to the Star Wars MMO.

Star Wars: The Old Republic, after getting chummy with the Hutts a few months ago, is now looking to get a bit Lovecraftian. The new update is called Operation Nightmare, which sounds like the least inspiring name for a military operation ever. The update comes in two parts. Part one is currently live, with the second one to follow soon. Operation Nightmare will add rare new gear, a new crafting system, updates to guild bonuses, and lots of new baddies to kill.

The first part, Terror From Beyond, introduces the majority of the new updates, and, presumably, terrors. As the site proudly proclaims, “the fight to seize control of the Gree Hypergate will leave you gasping for breath as you battle the five main bosses, now amped up to challenge even the most skilled group of players!” The new Kell Dragon gear set is being introduced as well.

Part two, Legions of Scum and Villainy, seems to scale back the terror in favor of good, old-fashioned crime. According to the blurb, “Defeating the Hutt Cartel’s ruthless mercenaries and beasts will require more coordination than ever before”. That might not sound quite as exciting as terrible terrors from beyond, but it also comes with an Elite Kell Dragon set to acquire, so your work is never quite done. Since these new challenges are level 55, players will have to own the Rise of the Hutt Cartel digital expansion to make use of the new level cap.

More details can be found on the SWTOR developer blog.

Source: Star Wars: The Old Republic Blog

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