Super Mario Maker 2

Nintendo has confirmed that the last major content drop for Super Mario Maker 2 will arrive on Wednesday. The most game-changing inclusion in this free update will be the World Maker, a new mode that allows players to design an overworld map like in Super Mario World and insert their levels into it to play them. Beyond providing a structure for levels, worlds will be customizable through a robust suite of options, including eight themes and a host of architectural features.

The update will also provide a plethora of new items to expand on the design possibilities of user-created levels. The following new power-ups and costumes will be available for Mario to use in Super Mario Maker 2:

  • Super Mario Bros. 2 Mushroom – enables riding and throwing enemies
  • Frog Suit – enables swimming and running on water
  • Power Balloon – enables floating
  • Super Acorn – enables gliding
  • Boomerang Flower – a throwable that arcs around Mario to clear enemies
  • Cannon Box – enables the firing of projectiles
  • Propeller Box – enables a triple jump
  • Red POW Box – enables the destruction of multiple environmental elements simultaneously
  • Goomba Mask – enables Mario to fit in with enemies
  • Bullet Bill Mask – enables horizontal flight

The Koopalings will also be added to Super Mario Maker 2 as bosses, each with a unique set of abilities.

Other new level parts include a trampoline that can be activated with a switch, a key that causes a phantom to chase any player who picks it up, and mechanical Koopas that shoot homing missiles or lasers.

The full list of new toys to be added to Super Mario Maker 2 can be viewed in action in the video below.

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