The Division 2 Pentagon: The Last Castle update Ubisoft

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2’s Pentagon: The Last Castle update, the “biggest title update to date,” is releasing early next week.

Ubisoft shared the news that the second episode of its free content plan will drop for Year 1 Pass holders Oct. 15. Those who do not own the season pass will be able to download the content separately on Oct. 22.

Along with two missions that task Division 2 players with securing a bioreactor in the Pentagon, Pentagon: The Last Castle players will be able to utilize the Technician Specialization, which features a P-017 missile launcher, EMP grenade, and Maxim 9 pistol. It is worth noting, though, that players that own the season pass will have immediate access to the new Specialization while non-pass holders must complete a series of objectives first. Pass holders are also granted exclusive access to marina and embassy-themed classified assignments.

The update further includes a new PvP mode called Team Elimination. Team Elimination is a best-of-seven-round battle that focuses on team play. PvP players will be treated to a new map called The Wharf as well. And as expected, Pentagon: The Last Castle includes a laundry list of general balancing and bug fixes.

Xbox Live Gold members who have yet to give the game a shot are getting another free weekend later this month. Ubisoft will also be hosting a sale for the game during the free weekend.

In other The Division 2 news, those hoping for more than just PvP content may have hope for the future in the form of a spinoff, as the game’s creative director spoke about his interests in single-player content earlier this year.

Pentagon: The Last Castle releases one week from today, but you can get a sneak peek of Episode 2 and the rest of the Year One content in the trailer.

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