This week a man rides a shark, the elusive Yeti may exist and Sony is attacked once again.


Samsung Wants To Upgrade Windows
Imagine yourself sitting indoors on a rainy day. You sigh melodramatically, look out the window and see nothing but overcast grey. Raindrops plink against the glass, and across the lawn you spy a squirrel chattering angrily at a crow. You watch the duo for half an hour, the crow cawing and the squirrel vocalizing in that chirpy squirrel voice that defies succinct description…(Link)


Scientists Are 95% Sure That Yetis Exist
The group, composed of researchers from Russia and the United States, met in Siberia recently with the express purpose of finding evidence of the elusive, shaggy beast. Fueled by the spirit of glasnost, the group set off into the wilds of the Kemerovo region, an area known for intense snowfall, foreboding trees and apparently, mythological creatures.(Link)


Sony Is Attacked Once Again
Philip Reitinger, who you may recall as the former Homeland Security guy who was recently tapped by Sony to serve as its Chief Information Security Officer, revealed earlier today that another significant attempt to infiltrate the PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment has been made. But this time around, only about 93,000 accounts were affected and more importantly, Sony locked everything down at the first sign of trouble.(Link)


Shark Gives A Lucky Man A Ride
According to Doug Niblack, a surfer of six years, he was trying to catch one last wave before going to work when his longboard hit something as “hard as a rock.” The “something” in this case, turned out to be a great white shark. Niblack stumbled, then found himself on the back of the shark as it thrashed back and forth, presumably quite upset because someone had just hit it with a surfboard. Niblack remained atop the shark for three or four glorious seconds…(Link)


Video Games May Cause Dementia
In a recent article in the UK’s The Sun newspaper, Baroness Greenfield (she’s a baroness, for whatever that’s worth) urged parents to drag their kids away from games, saying the electronic diversions can cause addiction and physical degeneration.(Link)

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