This week on The Escapist Movie Podcast, Bob Chipman, Jack Packard, and Darren Mooney go down the decades for some horror movie recommendations. This year’s Blood Quantum is a standard zombie flick from a fresh perspective, In the Mouth of Madness (1994) is an eerie John Carpenter movie that has plenty of gooey puppets, and House (1985) is a rare example of a monster as a literal metaphor.

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Darren Mooney
Darren Mooney is a self-professed nerd living on the East Coast of Ireland. He runs his a blog (the m0vie blog), co-hosts two weekly film podcasts (The 250, Scannain) and has written books on The X-Files and the films of Christopher Nolan. Ironically, his superpowers are at their strongest when his glasses are on.

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