Check out the 15 maps Titanfall will ship with.

Reddit user FallenFusion has gotten his hands on top-down overviews, as well as a wealth of various screenshots, of all of Titanfall‘s fifteen launch maps. The top-down views are quite detailed, and the screenshots give additional information on each map’s key landmarks.

Check them out below. Be warned that they may contain spoilers, especially for those of you hoping to experience them for the first time in-game:

The maps are:

  • Airbase – A map centered around an airport, but with a kind of mini-zoo
  • Angel City – The Tokyo-inspired level we saw in the beta
  • Boneyard – A desert/graveyard-style level
  • Colony – A small settlement village of various buildings
  • Corporate – A giant office building
  • Demeter – Another desert level with lots of pipes and a train station
  • Fracture – The other level we saw in the beta
  • Lagoon – A map centered around a beach resort
  • Nexus – A very tightly-packed city
  • Outpost – A military-style outpost complete with turrets
  • Overlook – A military facility built into the side of a cliff
  • Relic – Some kind of excavation site
  • Rise – Appears to be a kind of mine?
  • Smuggler – A coastal city built on a bay
  • Training Ground – A kind of 2fort style symmetrical map

It looks like there will be quite a varied range of maps to play on when the game launches on March 11. I’m looking forward to it!

Source: Reddit via DualShockers

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