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The Master Trials DLC for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild includes a brand new duplication glitch. It isn’t even hard to do. All you need is an unfinished Divine Beast and access to the Trial of the Sword.

So, what can you do with this simple glitch? You can collect copies of unique or DLC weapons from respawned treasure chest, or you can recollect tower rewards. The best use for this glitch should be obvious to anyone struggling with that limited inventory you start Breath of the Wild with. Yes, you can dupe Korok Seeds too.

While this is a duplication glitch, you won’t be able to instantly copy valuable items — instead of making copies in your inventory, you’re essentially resetting the world. When you force this bug, all shrines and treasure chests will reset. Korok puzzles, towers, and (probably) more also reset, allowing Link to endlessly access them for more items.

How to Duplicate Korok Seeds

NOTE: You’ll need to own the Master Trials DLC to use this glitch.

To pull off this glitch, you’ll need two things: 1) Access to the Trials of the Master Sword, and 2) an incomplete Divine Beast dungeon.

When you’re ready, just follow these steps.

  • 1. Get the Master Sword from the Korok Forest in the Lost Woods to access the Master Sword. You’ll need 13 hearts to claim the sword.
  • 2. With the sword collected, you can enter the Trial of the Master Sword area. All of your gear will be removed.
  • 3. Inside the Beginning Trial, open the map and teleport to a Divine Beast you haven’t yet completed, then exit the dungeon.
  • 4. Exit by teleporting to any shrine. All shrines, towers, chests and Korok Seed puzzles are now reset.
  • 5. That means you can collect treasure from hidden chests in shrines a second time, get unique rewards from activating towers, or collect the same Korok Seed over and over for an endless supply.

That’s all it takes. This is a very, very easy glitch to use. But, the future implications aren’t exactly known. Does this ruin something further down in the game’s story? What else is reset? Honestly, I have no idea, so I’m putting a big warning stamp here: try this glitch at your own risk.

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