WiiWaa is the perfect way to look like even more of an oddball while playing the Wii.

If people from the 1960s somehow stumbled into a time portal that brought them to the current day, and then happened to peer into a window where they saw a group engaged in a game of Wii Sports Resort, they’d probably be quite confused. Now, courtesy of Zoink Games’ WiiWaa, those same people would think the future of humanity had gone completely bonkers.

WiiWaa is a game played by shoving a Wii remote into a medium sized stuffed animal and shaking it about. When this was first done with a baby doll, I wasn’t amused. Now that the same technique is being used with a freaky stuffed animal, I approve.

The game looks similar to Rayman Raving Rabbids, with a bunch of mini-games and platforming elements. You’re supposed to toss the WiiWaa up into the air, shake it around, and dangle it from its stretchy antennae/ears to collect items and move it through the levels. It should be fun for kids, but is a strange alien interface nonetheless.

I must say, the song accompanying the trailer for WiiWaa is probably the most entertainment value I will personally get out of the game, being an adult. Zoink Games is based in Sweden, so I’m likely being extremely ignorant, but what the hell are they saying in that song? Every time I think they’re going to say one thing it turns into something else (though again, I’m probably just being ignorant of a foreign language). Here’s what I’ve got so far: “Do a little dance. The way you move is a misery. Do a little dance. You’re always there for me, dickin’ me.” I can’t even begin to figure out what’s going on at the beginning. If this is a mix of Swedish and English, or just one of the two, I’d love to find out. Catchy song though!

(Via: 1up)

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