Once you get back, Magister Darenis has a task for you called the !Sanctum of the Sun. This will lead you to the !War on Deatholme, that big place at the southern end of the map on the west side of the path that takes you into EPL Bat Country. You’re probably not going to be ready for this one level-wise, unless you stumbled on to a few groups here and there – it really appears to be a group activity.


If you were expecting any fanfare from your journeys to the other side of the world, this is about all you get.


Your best bet to get to level 18 is to head to the Amani Catacombs, tucked into the hills north of Tranquillen, and south of Suncrown Village.

I elected to tackle three quests at once: Greed, Troll Juju, and Investigate the Amani Catacombs.


In order to get credit for investigating the Catacombs you have to go through the entire thing to a large, round room. Once you’re there you will see Ranger Lilatha stuck in a cage. I met Vexia here and we had cleared out most of the rest of the place, so with some light respawn, we were able to get her back to Farstrider Enclave.


In the process I also managed to finish up !Troll Juju, turn that in, and eye Deathstalker Maltendis pretty warily. He may have been referring to my freshly crafted level 18, but I found it rather creepy nonetheless. I think he hits on everything in the room, after a few minutes of watching.


!Greed would have to wait for just a few minutes longer, because I had to finish this report.

Next on Rogue Ramblings, Alyxandria’s last journey as a newbie, some favorite moments, and conclusions.

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