This week’s LoadingReadyRun video was brainstormed over a late night dinner Graham and I had. With talk of the next generation consoles beginning to heat up, we’re both beginning to think more about whatever the 720 will look like, and what the PS4/Orbis/whatever will eventually do or not do. It must also be kind of stressful right now for Microsoft. I bet both companies are wondering if Apple will soon become the accidental console king, and they’ll be playing catchup in a race they’ve been leading for years. We wanted to capture that feeling of job uncertainty, and I think we really did it with this video.

As a fairly straightforward shoot, the majority of quirky facts about its production were captured in the Loading Time video except for one — the PS4 cutaway. We filmed the scene at our PAX East panel with some help from five fans. After he shot it, Graham actually edited the footage into the video during the panel, and the finished sketch was then shown off minutes later. We’ll cover all of that and PAX East as a whole in more detail next week.

Fun trivia:

  • Considering how … hasty the Xbox Free60 prop looks, it was actually rather expensive. Each cassette tape inexplicably cost us $1, putting the total cost over $25. For plastic, duct tape and a rick rolling.
  • We bought the Microsoft polo shirt during an actual trip to Microsoft headquarters. Yah giftshop! I knew that sale priced polo would come in handy one day.
  • In the Loading Time video, Graham says of the Xbox Free60, “It’s not the strangest xbox prop we’ve ever made.” That honor goes to the NesBox we made for episode 3 of Commodore Hustle.

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